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100 Ways to Avoid Bad Luck

They say that good luck can be found anywhere and everywhere, if only you open your eyes to find it. The problem is that where good luck exists, bad luck is often close behind – and it comes down to the decisions you make which guide you towards the right or wrong path in life.

Bad luck can come in all different forms, from bad luck in love and relationships, to the bad luck associated with poor financial and business decisions, and simply the bad luck we all experience as a result of chance.

In this article, we aim to help you avoid bad luck in 100 different ways – touching on attitude and mindset changes, items and objects you can invest in to drive bad luck away, and rituals to follow that help your life path move away from and avoid bad luck.

1. Don’t be overconfident at the poker table

Being confident in your own abilities is important, but when it comes to luck, gambling, and games of chance, overconfidence can simply be an invitation for bad luck. The fact is, games of chance are just that, with players having to strive forward with the hand they are dealt. Overconfidence can lead to silly mistakes and can result in you losing your hand to someone else if you don’t play smart and keep your cards close to your chest.

2. Manage your emotions

When it comes to bad luck in love, managing your emotions is key when dealing with complex feelings and the ups and downs of relationships. Rather than letting your emotions overwhelm every situation, take a step back and gain some perspective – giving both you and your partner space to move forward positively.

3. Communicate!

This applies to every area of your life. If you don’t communicate how you are feeling or clear up any misunderstandings, whether in relationships or at work, you are simply asking for something to go wrong.

4. Don’t create to-do lists in your relationship

A checklist can be a real mood killer when it comes to relationships, particularly when it feels like your enjoyment of time spent together depends on doing things which are exciting and different. A healthy relationship is one where you enjoy doing regular and everyday things together, while creating a relationship built on to-do lists is unrealistic and invites bad luck to drive a wedge between you.

5. The importance of salt

They say that when you spill salt, you will have bad luck. This is all down to ancient times when salt was a precious and expensive commodity – and so spilling it was seen as huge wasteful. Luckily, it’s perfectly possible to reverse this today, by throwing salt over your shoulder to deflect both bad luck and misfortune.

6. Carry good luck emblems with you

One of the best ways to avoid bad luck is to always carry symbols of good luck with you – thus driving away misfortune and inviting only good things into your path. Some of the most common emblems and symbols of good luck include horseshoes, lucky dice, and a four leafed clover.

7. Burn Incense

Scented incenses are used to cast off bad luck, spells and curses – with some of the most prominent and popular scents including jasmine and sandalwood. The incense not only removes bad luck from your home and surroundings but can also invite good luck into your life (provided you burn an odd number of sticks).

8. Open your heart to good causes

Donating finances or time to good causes and helping others is a great way of bringing good and positive things into your life and removing any bad energy surrounding you. Donating time and money is often something that helps those who feel negative about the state of their world, opening their eyes to bigger and greater challenges that they can have a positive impact towards.

9. Always add a black fish to your goldfish collection

While goldfish are said to bring good luck and wealth into your home, the black fish is important for driving away and protecting that wealth and good luck from a series of misfortunes and negative experiences.

10. Don’t panic when you break a mirror – do this instead…

Breaking a mirror is said to bring seven years of bad luck. To avoid this, crush the pieces into a fine dust and spread them into the wind. This allows you to get rid of the broken mirror completely and thus cast the bad luck away from your home and your life.

11. Essential Oils

Placing and using essential oils both in your skincare ritual and around the home is said to is said to remove negative energy and invite light and bright positivity into your home. Sandalwood is particularly good for bringing positive energy in for your entire family.

12. Wear Sapphires

The sapphire is the stone of good luck and good fortune – primarily because in the early days of jewellery and gemstones, only those with immense good luck and fortune could afford it. Thus, the stone has carried this notoriety ever since.

13. Fill your home with the right figurines

Elephants, dolphins, and the infamous three-legged frog are all signs and symbols of good luck which can be used to drive bad luck away from the owner.

14. Choose the number 7

Seven is the magic number in so many different cultures – and so if you want to avoid bad luck in your life, start looking for and inviting new things into your life in multiples of seven. Try seven new things if you want to succeed in all of them; complete activities in seven minute bursts; you could even carry a number seven charm around with you.

15. Burn herbs in your home

A popular activity that many follow as a method of purifying their home of evil spirits and the God’s of misfortune, this one stems from a time when witches would visit homes and burn sage and lavender in order to drive away the devil. This is a particularly important port of call for those who feel they have been cursed with bad luck.

16. Know your own limits

If you’re gambling, whether with money or in life, knowing your own limits is integral to being able to stop before it’s too late and you lose yourself to a spiral of bad luck and misfortune. So many who lose at the poker table do so because they didn’t stop when they should have.

17. Don’t touch the gambling table if the dice is rolling

If you touch the table as you throw the dice, you are said to be disrupting the power of the throw – and will thus be cursed with bad luck through the game. To avoid this, throw the dice and lean away from the table as you do so.

18. Don’t walk under a ladder

If walking under a ladder is seen to be bad luck, then avoiding and walking around the ladder is a simple way of avoiding that bad luck.

19. Don’t step on a crack in the pavement

Stepping on a crack in the street is believed to lead to misfortune in the life of both the walker and those they love – as the saying goes, ‘Step on a crack and break your mother’s back’. So, if you see a crack in the pavement or sidewalk, avoid it and step over it to avoid bad luck.

20. Always put your shoes back in the right place

This is an interesting one which stems from the days of mining where it was believed that placing shoes on the table was a sign of tempting fate and bad luck. Shoes should always be returned to the correct place of storage at the end of a day.

21. Never count money at the gambling table

Counting your money is said to invite evil eyes down into your game, which can force you to lose your winnings. Another belief is that counting your money at the table will pause your forward progression in life and leave you stuck still in a chain of bad luck. Either way, take your money away before counting it, or risk infinite bad luck.

22. Declutter your home and invest time in Feng Shui

Feng Shui is necessary for swathes of good luck to enter your life and your home, by clearing your life of the clutter that may be standing in the way of good fortune and positive vibes. By decluttering, you are letting go of things standing between you and good luck – thus helping you to remove and avoid bad luck emblems that you may not even be aware of.

23. Increase the light in your home

Did you know that dark corners in the home can conceal negative energies and bad vibes? By adding more light to your home, you drive away and brighten up those dark corners, forcing negative energy out of the house and away from your life path.

24. “Don’t jinx it”

How many times have you heard the term ‘Don’t jinx it’ being said by children and superstitious believers? This is born from the idea that if you act as if something good will definitely happen, you are inviting the gods of fate to intercede and take that good thing away. To avoid bad luck and to ensure good things continue to happen, don’t act as if they have already happened – instead, manifest good vibes subtly.

25. Don’t cross paths with a black cat

Black cats are a notorious symbol of bad luck, and so crossing paths with one is a sure fire way to invite negative experiences and fortune into your life. Avoid black cats as much as possible, and if you do come across one then stay on its good side for fear of it concealing a hidden witch or curse.

26. Keep a cricket

Crickets are thought to bring good luck into the home – have you seen Mulan, the Disney film, and ever noticed how she has a cricket with her as a symbol of good luck? You can do the same, with a cricket able to protect the home from both bad luck and people with bad intentions.

27. See a penny, pick it up

All day long you’ll have good luck! If you see a penny on the ground, picking it up is a way of inviting good luck into your life and driving away negative energies. Or you can take it one step further…

28. … Give that penny to a friend

And your luck will never end! As the rhyme says, handing your penny to a friend exudes the kindness of spirit which invites good fortune and luck into the lives of those who care about others.

29. Don’t let a bird fly into your window or your home

If a bird enters your home through a window, this is said to foreshadow death. As such, keeping birds out of your home by closing your windows and detracting them from flying in is a way of avoiding and keeping bad luck and unexpected death away.

30. Brush bad luck away

If you feel like your life has become full of misfortune and/or bad luck, literally brushing yourself off is said to help remove and unsettle some of that bad luck which may have settled around you. This can also relate to your home, with a spring clean said to help clear away the cobwebs of misfortune.

31. Don’t open an umbrella inside

Opening an umbrella inside is said to tempt fate and open the door to bad luck both for the user and the home as a whole. Wait until you get outside before pushing open the umbrella!

32. Should you really wear an opal?

Opals are the birthstone for those born in October, but if you weren’t born in October then you should avoid them. Wearing an opal when it isn’t your birthstone is said to be bad luck for the wearer, so avoid that unnecessary bad luck by choosing another gemstone for your jewellery.

33. Use different and unexpected passwords

There is nothing worse than having your accounts and online profiles hacked – and having the same password for every log in isn’t just bad luck but it’s tempting a great deal of negative fate. Eradicate the potential of someone getting into your accounts by regularly opting for new and unbreakable passwords.

34. Spin clockwise seven times

Back to the lucky number seven – only this time, it’s a way of reversing the effect of any bad luck rules you have already broken. If you accidentally do anything that is said to invite bad luck into your life, you can reverse it and avoid such bad luck by spinning on the spot seven times in a clockwise direction.

35. Leave an empty rocking chair alone

Rocking an empty rocking chair is a move filled with bad luck, as it may well be unsettling and disturbing the spirit of someone who is sat there but who you can’t see. If you see a rocking chair, don’t be tempted to rock it without first sitting in it.

36. Rabbits Foot

A rabbits foot charm is said to be good luck – but only if it’s the left hind foot. Make sure that you have the correct foot in order to benefit from good luck and keep bad luck away from you, and rub the foot with your finger anytime you want to activate the good luck.

37. Black Tourmaline

One of a series of gemstones and crystals which is said to harbour positive vibes and help remove negative energy, Black Tourmaline is said to be effective at removing and helping you avoid the ill wishes of others in your life. As a protector, this is one of the best crystals you can get when it comes to avoiding and removing negative luck from your life.

38. Improve your Karma

If you believe in karma, then you will know that bad deeds and negative actions breed bad luck in your future. Improving your karma by doing good deeds will help protect you from the potential of bad luck.

39. Pray

You don’t have to believe in one God or a single religion – praying is about manifesting and knowing enough about what you want to believe completely in its ability to come true. Higher powers are often considered to be the forces that keep bad luck away from us and so praying is an important part of keeping hold of good things and keeping negativity away.

40. Leave bad luck behind… literally

They say that travel is a great form of avoiding bad luck because it allows you to literally leave bad luck and misfortune behind and immerse yourself in a new life and a new version of reality. Travel for the benefit of your life path, experiences, and relationship with luck.

41. Knock on a wood surface – ‘touch wood’

If you happen to say something filled with bad luck, knock on a wooden surface three times immediately after saying it in order to prevent bad luck and ill fate from setting in and making your statement come true.

42. If you see one crow, look for another

One crow that crosses your path is bad luck, but if a second crow follows, that bad luck is reversed.

43. If you see one magpie, look for more

“One for sorrow, two for joy…”. As the rhyme tells us, one magpie in your line of vision indicates sorrow and all the results of bad luck, however more than one magpie brings positive joy, silver, gold, and secrets into your life path.

Familiarize yourself with some of these lesser known indicators of bad luck…

While there are endless superstitions and well-practised symptoms and symbols of both good and bad luck out there, there are also a whole load of bad luck emblems that aren’t so well known and so may be part of your everyday life without you even realising. If you are falling foul of the Gods of luck and need to reverse it, the below ways of avoiding bad luck help you to reverse and avoid some lesser known symbols of misfortune.

44. Don’t look for owls during the day

If you see an owl during the day, bad luck will fall upon you. Owls are night birds and seeing them out during the day indicates that something is out of sync in their livelihood – and in yours as a resulting factor.

45. Travel on any day except Friday

It is a well known anecdote that travel is usually a nightmare on a Friday, what with weekend travellers and commuters heading home after a long week. But did you know that starting a journey on a Friday is actually known to bring bad luck to your travel? Avoid this bad luck by travelling on a different day.

46. If you see a spider or ladybird in your house, leave it or help it find its way outside

Killing insects in your home is never pleasant, but if that insect happens to be a ladybird or a spider (particularly a money spider) then that is a symbol and symptom of bad luck to follow. Instead, protect these creatures to avoid bad luck.

47. When you dress, dress from the right

Putting your left leg or arm into an outfit first is said to cause bad luck for your entire day. Instead, always dress from the right to avoid bad luck and give yourself the best chance of leading a life of good fortune.

48. Only close a pocketknife if you were the one who opened it

This may seem like an odd one, but it is said that closing a pocketknife you didn’t open is sure to bring you both bad luck and infinite danger. Avoid bad luck by leaving any open pocketknife to be closed by the person who opened it (this doesn’t mean you can’t tell them to close it on your behalf!)

49. Know when it’s time for bed

You don’t have to be drunk – but we can’t see any other reason why you might sleep on or under your dining room table… an act which is said to bring you bad luck. Knowing when to go to bed so that you avoid falling asleep at the table is an important and easy move to avoid the destined bad luck that will follow.

50. When you enter a gambling room, enter from the back or side entrance

Long established gambling halls and gaming rooms will likely have more than one entrance – and seasoned players will almost always use any door but the front door. This is because using the front door to enter a game is said to bring bad luck into the game with you. Use alternative entrances and exits to avoid bad luck and give yourself a good chance of winning.

51. Wear Red

If you’ve been suffering from a streak of bad luck or misfortune, they say that wearing an element of red in your outfit will avoid that and drive the negativity away. Red also breeds good fortune and brings good luck to a game of chance – not only removing the bad luck but inviting the good.

Back to the more popular, regular, and well recognised charms that protect us from bad luck and invite good fortune to guide us…

52. Bring out your own personal lucky garments and charms

There is nothing luckier than something you place your ultimate belief in – whether it’s a pair of lucky pants, socks, or your own little charm. You have the power to dispel and avoid bad luck by manifesting your own good fortune through the things you perceive to hold good luck – so use them.

53. Avoid unlucky numbers

The number 13 is an unlucky number across Western culture – and avoiding it will help you to steer clear of obvious bad luck.

54. Don’t whistle while playing a game of chance

This one is particularly relevant to those gambling and involving themselves in games of chance. It is said that whistling at the table not only brings bad luck to the whistler but to those around them also playing at the table – meaning that any whistling will more than likely invite some negative reactions from those in play. Avoid bad luck, and poor judgement, by keeping your tunes to yourself.

55. Find somewhere different to store your knitting needles

It’s super easy to store your knitting needles in the ball of wool or yarn – but did you know that stabbing the needles through that ball of fabric can bring bad luck to the wearer of any item made using that material or wool? To avoid gifting that bad luck to yourself or others, find somewhere else for your knitting needles and other tools.

56. Don’t pick up a dropped knife

If you drop your knife on the floor, picking it up yourself will bring bad fortune and bad luck into your life – particularly regarding wealth, money, and love. Instead, asking someone else to pick it up for you will keep your life, finances, and relationships safe and secure and away from bad luck.

57. Recognize and acknowledge when your luck begins to change

… and appreciate it! Good luck follows positive actions and conscious effort, and you should take the time to recognize and know what you did that brought that kind of good luck into your life. By understanding what you did, you can replicate it and continue to breed good luck in life, love, and fortune.

58. Readjust your expectations

Bad luck can sometimes be confused with disappointment – and so it can be very easy to feel like not getting exactly what you want is a sign of bad luck rather than just an indication that you are disappointed at the lack of progression. By changing your expectations, you can immediately drive away feelings of bad luck and instead revel in positive moves towards you realistic goals.

59. Don’t keep dead and lifeless décor

Dead flowers aren’t just depressing to look at – they also attract bad luck, particularly dead roses which can signify dead and lost love. Keep all floral arrangements fresh, and as they start to go over cull the flowers which are leaning towards dead – keeping your home a fresh and alive environment to be in.

60. Avoid green paint

Green may be a popular and on trend colour, but green paint in your home is an ancient sign of bad luck and bad health. This stems from the old days where green paint was made with arsenic – making such homes extremely unlucky for those who lived there. This belief has stuck around even with green paint now made safely – and so avoiding the colour is the easiest way to avoid the superstition and potential bad energy.

61. Fix or remove broken things

According to Feng Shui and the rules around the concept, broken things in the home are a major source of bad luck and negative energy – and so should be removed as a matter of priority. Fixing them is another alternative although this should be done as quickly as possible.

62. Buy a new broom for a new home

When you move home, they say that bringing an old broom with you can also mean bringing old negatives and misfortunes with you. Avoid this by investing in a new broom and starting afresh in your new environment.

63. Don’t bring destructive art of objects into your home

If your life is full of hostile objects, garments, and decorative accessories, you are unconsciously inviting that kind of attitude into your home. Whether it’s things you wear, see, hear, or surround yourself with, anything that breeds negative energy is said to be bad luck for the decisions and choices you make. Surround yourself, instead, with positive vibes and harmonious things.

64. Choose your house plants wisely

There are some plants which foster and breed good energy, and there are some plants which can create bad luck. Spiky plants are a sign of bad luck, with cactus’ in particular being one to avoid where possible to keep negative energy out.

64. Know what you deserve

Being unlucky in love is a common concept, but when you know what you deserve you can start to influence the kinds of people who come into your life and stay there. Avoiding that unlucky in love stereotype means only reaching for those who treat you well – and that starts with knowing what you deserve in order to avoid those that are bad news, and which are brought in by bad luck.

66. Replace negativity with learning

When you tell yourself you’re not good enough to get a good job or to hold on to a positive and healthy relationship, you are only allowing yourself to fall foul of more bad luck and letting yourself fall into negative traps. To avoid bad luck in the future you need to learn from past mistakes and negative experiences and see them as educational tools that help you grow.

67. Allow yourself to grow

What better way to avoid bad luck than to allow yourself to grow and move away from the person you used to be? If your previous life was one filled with bad luck and negativity, allow yourself to move away from that in this new version of life.

68. If you have a good luck charm, know where to put it

There are so many different good luck charms out there – and a key part of using them correctly is knowing where to put them and how to interact with them. For example, good luck charms should have open access to the front door to invite positive energy and good luck in, and a horseshoe should be hung with the ends facing upwards to allow the shoe to be filled up with good luck and keep bad luck away.

69. Clean your home with a mixture of lemon, vinegar, and baking soda

This is said to be an effective cleaning mix for the home which not only removes stains and other spillages and dirt but is also effective at eradicating bad luck which may have settled on your home. Clear bad luck out with the trash and replace it with the clean-scented aroma of good fortune.

70. Tie bells to the openings of your home (and around your neck for extra protection)

Bells invite good luck and protect from bad luck – and so tying them to doorknobs and around your neck is a prime way of ensuring you receive the right energy from the universe both at home and as you go about your day. If you don’t want to wear a bell around your neck, tying one to your bag or an accessory can be another way of always having a bell with you to keep negativity away.

71. Amber

A chunk of amber or an amber gemstone not only keeps negative energy and bad luck away, but it actively transforms that bad luck into good luck and fortune for your benefit. A handy stone to keep with you as an ongoing charm of good luck.

72. Coral

Wearing or holding a piece of coral is said to connect the owner directly with their spirit guide, and that is crucial to helping you make the right decisions that allow you to avoid bad luck and follow the path of good luck and fortune. Coral is not only a protector against bad luck but an enforcer for good things.

73. The Evil Eye charm

This is a really interesting one because in the 21st century it appears in so many different forms – from glass beads to hand painted eyes in the centre of hands and shared across a multitude of products and touchpoints. This eye is a traditional talisman against bad luck and protects the owner from harm – making it a good companion when you try new things and attack difficult challenges.

74. Look for symbols in nature

Hearts in the sky, recognisable symbols, and circles are all part and parcel of the luck you receive and the life path you are following. Look for positive symbols around you in nature – not just in lucky plants but in the clouds and the environment as well. Seeing these can be a sign that bad luck is on its way out of your life.

75. Wear Lavender

Wearing lavender perfume does the same as lavender incense and essential oils – but in a much more personal way which links directly to the wearer. In short, lavender and the scent of the flower cleanses, protects, and shields the wearer from bad energy and the effects of bad luck.

76. Don’t get out of bed on the wrong side

Remember which side you go into bed the previous night and exit via the same side – otherwise your entire day will be full of bad luck. Granted, this is much easier to follow if you share your bed with someone and each have your own side – but those with smaller beds should definitely aim to follow this minor rule to protect the course of luck throughout their day.

77. Avoid seeing the bride before the wedding (if you are the groom!)

This is a common cause of bad luck and can be easily avoided – not only allowing you to start married life on a positive note, but also keeping that special moment and first reveal as part of your wedding ceremony. It’s a superstition but one which many people follow and hold special as part of their wedding ritual.

78. Change your bed at the weekend, but not on a Friday

Another interesting and slightly odd one: changing your bedsheets on a Friday is said to bring you bad luck and horrible dreams. Waiting an extra day will keep your sleep restful and your luck more balanced.

79. Don’t ignore little traditions

You know that tradition of kissing someone under the mistletoe? Well, if you don’t, you’re in for a bout of bad luck. It’s time to recognise, celebrate, and partake in all the traditions which make our holidays what they are.

80. Friday 13th!

We couldn’t have an article exploring good and bad luck and not touch on Friday 13th. The fact is that Friday 13th is associated with bad luck, so to protect yourself from this very widely held belief and superstition, avoid doing anything too momentous or challenging on a Friday which happens to be the 13th of the month.

81. Don’t say ‘Happy Birthday’ before the actual date

In Germany, it’s bad luck to wish someone a happy birthday before the date of their birthday!

82. Read your dreams and identify what they are telling you

Some dreams have messages, whether they be about what we want most, what we need, or how healthy or unhealthy our lifestyle really is. Interrupted dreams and poor sleep can be a sign of an unhealthy lifestyle, which can harness and breed bad luck in relation to health and wellbeing. Meanwhile negative dreams of violence and death can indicate bad relationships and a negative mindset which in turn can create bad luck. Know what you are dreaming about, recognise the meaning, and do something to reverse any negative energy coming from your dreams.

83. Approach every day as a new beginning

Instead of allowing bad luck to set seed and control your emotions and activities, treat everyday as a new beginning and force the bad luck to go somewhere else.

84. Collect Shells

Shells from the beach were once the home of a sea creature – and so collecting them brings that same sense of home and protection into the life of the finder or collector. If you keep hold of a shell you are allowing that same level of natural protection to sit around your aura and your soul, thus driving away bad luck and bad energy.

85. Look for a rainbow

Whether or not the leprechaun and his pot of gold is real, natural phenomenons are still signs and symbols of good luck – and the rainbow is one of the most prominent and beautiful you can see. When you see a rainbow, revel in the good luck and fortune, and seek the end of it in order to benefit from overwhelming good fortune with the power to drive away negative energy.

86. Wish on a Star

Shooting stars are another natural sight which breed their own type of luck and fortune – and when you wish on them, your bad luck can be driven away instantly.

87. Increase your skills

Like it or not, a lot of good luck and good fortune is in fact down to skill rather than chance and fate – and so it follows that increasing your skills and knowledge are both effective ways of avoiding bad luck and the effect of bad fortune and negative decisions. Making good and well-informed decisions is an instant cure for bad luck.

88. Choose lucky colours

We have already talked about how red is a lucky colour, but depending on the kind of luck and fortune you are looking for, other lucky colours include purple and gold – both inviting fortune and wealth into your life and drowning out the dull colours of misfortune.

89. Know your surroundings before you dive into superstition

Different cultures and different places believe in different things – for example, in some cultures pigs are sacred while in others they are bad luck. In some Eastern cultures cats are powerful beings while in Western culture a black cat is the ultimate sign of bad luck. Know what is lucky and what is a sign of poor fortune before you dive into your chosen rituals in a new place.

90. Be Prepared

There is no better weapon against bad luck than preparation. Preparation allows you to prepare for the worst so that if bad luck does strike, you are able to avoid the negative connotations that come as a result of that bad luck.

91. If it goes wrong, don’t give up

Allowing bad luck to set in and make itself at home on your life path is the worst thing you can do. Picking yourself up requires strength of character and bravery, but it is this which will make you a stronger person able to avoid and recognise bad luck in your future.

92. Heal your Chakras

If your Chakra or Aura is shut down, your entire life becomes closed off to positive new experiences and thus becomes stuck in the rut of the life you are in right now. This can lead you to feel like nothing good is happening to you when in reality, you simply need to reopen the seven points of Chakra through meditation and physical movement.

93. Get out and about

It’s easy to mistake bad luck with a lack of opportunity – but until you go out and seek opportunity and activity, you will be stuck with what you already have. Instead of avoiding bad luck, this one is about chasing good luck and making your own opportunities for the benefit of your life path and fortune.

94. Don’t say no to positive and life changing experiences

You never know what’s lying around the corner. An unlucky life is one with no excitement and spontaneity, so drown out the fear and dive into new things.

And finally, to the phrases and beliefs that help us change our mindset and transform a bout of bad luck into something that we can grow and learn from. These common phrases are all shared and quoted in the face of bad luck and introduce ideas which can help us avoid future bad luck by changing our own attitude to luck and life’s path….

95. Grin and Bear It

This is one phrase which is used to buoy us up when something bad happens – and it can help to lessen the impact of bad luck and change the way we view it: from something long lasting and harmful, to something we can overcome if we just sit tight and bear it for a little longer.

96. This Too Shall Pass

Believe that this, like every other negative experience, will pass, and you will quickly find that you can overcome bad luck results much more quickly: integrating them into your wider life experiences.

97. Life’s Not Fair

One way to avoid bad luck is to change the way you see it completely. That is, maybe something didn’t happen as a result of bad luck but rather because it’s just like and sometimes bad things happen.

98. It Could Be Worse

This phrase is another one designed to change the perception of bad luck and recover any situation by reminding the listener that their situation could always be worse than it is. This may not reverse bad luck, but it changes the way that bad luck is viewed and helps you to avoid it in the future.

99. Keep Calm and Carry On

Bad luck can be overcome by a positive attitude and a calm outlook. Change the way you act in response to bad luck, and over time your luck will be reversed.

100. Into Every Life a Little Rain Must Fall

Does bad luck even exist if it happens to everyone at some point in their life?