Lebanon Good Luck Charm

Lebanon is a country in Western Asia known for diversity in culture. Now, the Lebanese are also part of the people who use the Nazar evil eye charm to counter the evil powers of the evil eye.

History of the Nazar evil eye talisman in Lebanon

The Nazar evil eye talisman has been part of the Lebanese people for centuries now. Again, just like in the case of Afghans, this has its origins in the classical Greek antiquity. The classical authors attempted to describe and duly explain the purpose of the evil eye. The early Plutarch’s scientific explanation treated the phenomenon of the evil eye as something seemingly inexplicable. Thus, the evil eye was viewed as a source of wonder and a cause of incredulity.

The belief in the power of the Nazar evil eye then spread across different cultures in the world like bushfire. Many people believed in the existence of the evil eye and its evil effect and they had found an antidote in the Nazar evil eye amulet. The Lebanese are some of the people that also accepted the charm as part of their culture.

Why the Nazar evil eye talisman brings good luck

The Nazar evil eye charm is supposed to draw the unwanted attention of the evil negative energy from the wearer’s eye. As a result, the negative forces spewing evil forth from the eyes of evil beings are absorbed by the Nazar evil eye charm, therefore protecting its beholder. Consequently, the charm allows only good fortune to come the way of its bearer.

The charm comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes as well. The Nazar evil eye charm also comes in the form of a disc or a ball. They have concentric blue and white circles in the shape of an eye that reflects the evil to the onlooker.

Again, in Lebanon the colors on the Nazar charm have significance. The blue color on the Nazar amulet is believed to attract good luck as it symbolizes heaven and holiness. On the other hand, the purple color on the Nazar symbolizes power, luxury, and ambition and is believed to bestow them to the bearer of the charm. Besides, the yellow color symbolizes health, strength, and healing.

In other words, when one uses the Nazar evil eye charm, it is believed that it will ward off evil and protect them against negative energy. As a result, you will have only good fortune coming your way.

How to use Nazar evil eye charm

Just like in other parts, in Lebanon, the evil eye talismans are hung in cars, on walls, and even on doors. They are also pinned on new-born babies or even worn as jewelry pieces. For some Lebanese, the evil eye talisman could be an artistic piece. Regardless, the Nazar evil eye talisman is worn, carried, or hung up in a home to deflect evil. Thus, the beholder of the charm and their possessions are guarded against misfortune, and therefore fortunes find them.

How the Lebanese Nazar evil eye talisman is made

The Lebanese amulet is also typically round in shape. It is made of glass fashioned with blue and white concentric circles made to resemble a wide-open eye. The choice of colors is deliberate as they are believed to ward off evil.

Usually, the beads are fashioned of glass molten in ovens and shaped with thin and thick rods to resemble an eye. Artisans make the best of the Nazar evil eye talismans. They melt the glass beads in an underground kiln made of brick and mud. They then remove the molten glass from the oven using an iron rod. The molten glass is made into the desired shape using other tools.

Drops of molten glass in white, yellow, and black colors over the blue color are placed on top of the main piece and stuck onto it. The whole piece is then rolled and then pressed flat with an iron. It is then set in a section of the kiln and allowed to cool.

How to make the Lebanese Nazar evil eye talisman at home

You can make Lebanese talisman at home, but you need to be skilled in the craft. For starters, you should know that technique used in hand making Nazar evil eye charm at home is primitive. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • A thick and thin rod is used in the process
  • The base of the Nazar bead is rolled on the thick rod.
  • Proceed to add the blue and the white of the eyes with the thin rod.
  • A yellow eye, too, can be added to the beads.
  • The oxide of the yellow color is made from a mixture of zinc metal and lead

Interesting and fun facts about the Nazar evil eye charm

  • It has its origin in the Greek culture
  • It is believed to protect its beholder from the evil eye hence the name
  • Each color used in the talisman has a meaning to it.

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