7 dream symbols believed to bring you good luck

When we think of dreams and good luck we might think of winning the lottery or finding the love of our lives. We consider all the ways our lives could be better. These are daydreams and are little more than fantastical wonderings. But what about those dreams that happen when we close our eyes each nighttime?

What’s in a dream?

Our dreams as we sleep are different from those of the day time. Not only do they explore our hopes and wishes but they are an insight into our experiences, life circumstances and our state of mind in general. While these dreams might feel like extraordinary stories that confuse, delight or horrify, they are also laden with meaning if you take the time to explore them in detail.

The world is full of books that seek to define the meanings of these dreams. The interpretations range from these dreams being a window to our unconscious thoughts and feelings to a possible portal through which other worldly beings speak to us.

While we are all open to ideas about dreams, we need to also consider that they are an expression of the stimuli we have experienced throughout the day. We are constantly taking in experiences through our senses and at night we have time to process all this data.

Therefore, our dreams are a powerful way to know where we are in life and how we might change our luck for the better. In the morning, reach for your notebook and write down your dreams. What will be revealed will include hints to what will offer you happiness.

Many of these symbols will be individual to you but there is also a common language of dreams that we can interpret together here. While there are obvious interpretations that some might make, here we offer a deeper understanding of these symbols.

Dream symbols and their meanings

1. Precious Stones: a jewel in your dream reveals your satisfaction at financial security or a general sense of strong foundations in life. While you may want to interpret the arrival of an amethyst or diamond in your dreams as a sign of wealth, is this really a sign of good luck? Instead, your subconscious could be pointing you to your inner desire to be secure and to have that foundation of prosperity from which to build. Sure, this might include winning the lottery. More likely, it is a sign that you are making good decisions in your business or work and this will sow the seeds of the contentment you desire in
2. A fruit-filled tree: consider the symbolism held in a tree. The tree’s roots hold it anchored firmly to the earth. The tree being laden with fruit shows that it prospers. Therefore, the dream is letting you know that you feel anchored in place and are doing well because of this. Consequently, if you are being strong willed, if you are handling a financial situation or if you are looking to work on your relationship, the dream is an indication that you feel that you are on the right path. Soon, your efforts will yield rewards. It is fair to think that this means that luck will play in your favour. However, it could also suggest that you are doing all the right things and you are being true to what will make you happy.
3. Fire: Fire in a dream will feel like a contradiction. Fire seems to suggest anger and destruction. However, for those who interpret dreams, fire is a sign of productive anger and emotions that are being aired and so resolved. Usually, the dream is of a fire out of control in your home. It will feel like a nightmare. Yet, it is good luck, as the fire is burning through your worries and these worries are being destroyed. You should wake up feeling lighter and freer. What more could we ask from life than being released from worry – good luck indeed.
4. Flying: If you dream of flying then your subconscious is giving you a hint about your happiness and your path to favourable luck. It is a symbol of freedom and a desire for independence. This might not mean that a relationship needs to end but indeed that it may well take on a new form that will allow you a lightness of being that will help you reach new heights. In work, it could represent your desire or belief that you are flying high. It is a subconscious pat on the back.
5. Lamb: A lamb carries powerful symbolism in many parts of our life. Whether it is in our beliefs about nature or about religion, it is a harbinger of good news. In dreams, it is not surprising to know, it is a symbol of good things coming your way. For instance, seeing a lamb playing in a green meadow likely means you are about to add someone to your friendship group. If you hold a lamb in your arms it is said to suggest you are about to add to your wealth because you have done something ethical at work.
6. Lantern: A lantern brings light to darkness. Consequently, in a dream it can be seen as suggesting you have no reason to worry. The lantern suggests that there is success and happiness coming your way. If you are looking for surprising wealth, look for the lantern that burns intensely in the darkness. However, maybe better still, the lantern is a sign that there is hope. Hope can sometimes feel like the best luck in the world.
7. Coffin: We end on an odd note. If a coffin appeared in our dream it could be frightening and we may fear the loss of someone close. Stop a moment and think what might be dying. It is unlikely a prediction of the loss of a loved one but instead the death of a worry that has been plaguing you. There are all sorts of superstitions about coffins and dreams that are more supernatural. For instance, if a body is placed in a coffin then you are meant to receive a bonus from work and if the dead person rises from the coffin it is because it is full of money.
While the fantastical ideas of messages being sent in our dreams feels comforting, more likely the luck lies in the life you want coming to fruition. What you want is revealed in your dreams. What you do in life in response to these will bring you the good luck you desire.