Brunei Good Luck Charm

If you haven’t heard of Brunei before, it’s a tiny nation surrounded by Malaysia and the South China Sea. One of the popular talismans among Bruneians is the Northern star magic amulet that’s believed to give direction to life.

History of the Northern star amulet

When you think of stars and traditions, you think of both mystery and magic. Stars are associated with hope and inspiration. The northern star, otherwise known as Polaris, was first cataloged in 169 AD by Claudius Ptolemy. According to the late antiquity, the northern star was used for navigation. It was described as ἀεί φανής (aei phanēs) “always visible” by Stobaeus (5th century).

The northern star is not the brightest in the solar system. However, its location makes it exceptional. For instance, people living in the Northern hemisphere have been reported to find their way using the star. It appears at a fixed point in the sky circled by other stars and precisely aligned with the earth’s axis. It is even more visible at the North Pole. Since it was known as a great navigation tool, it was believed to provide lifetime guidance for slaves during the civil war.

Why the Northern Star amulet brings luck

You might have heard someone say that if you find your northern star, then you have found purpose and direction. It is for this reason that the northern star amulet has been used as a good luck charm amongst the Brunei people to bring happiness and benefit to them. They believe that the star offers the right direction of life, plus it helps one rise to the highest point in terms of success.

How to use the Northern Star amulet charm

The Bruneians use the star as a pendant which can be worn as a necklace or ankle bracelet.

How the Northern Star amulet is made

The powerful charm is made from particular magic subjects that are believed to bring one from a bad state and improve their lives. The amulet is made from an infusion of love powder materials. It is also made with hand-engraved magic symbols on the front and the back. It is crafted in different colors, the most common being silver and gold. However, among the Bruneians, the one with the gold coating and multicolored infusions is commonly used.

How to make the Northern Star amulet at home

Although you can try and make one from home, it is much easier to get a skillfully designed one from an antic shop or buy from an online store.

Interesting and fun facts about the Northern Star amulet charm
Now that you know one or two things about the northern star Amulet, there are a few fun facts about the amulet:

  • Bruneians believe that wearing the charm keeps you away from all forms of trouble
  • It is believed that you can seek direction from your north star when you are tangled. You will receive light only if you give yourself to it.

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