Austria | Good Luck Charm | Pigs

Austrian Pig Good Luck Charm Many countries have traditions and they can grow into lucky charms. Austria is no stranger to ancient superstition, and the tiny pig goes back centuries in its meaning. History Of The Pig Good Luck Charm The original practice of considering pigs lucky charms goes back a long way in the Germanic ethno-culture. It holds a positive connotation associated with farming, livestock, prosperity and wealth. Many Germanic people once considered the pig a symbol that their…

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Austria | Good Luck Charm | Chimney Sweeps

Austria Chimney Sweep Good Luck Charm The Chimney Sweep is considered good in a few countries and there are a few different as to how real ones turned into good luck charms. One story involved weddings, and kisses, another involves visits to your home and ashes. Take a look ahead for more about Chimney Sweeps as good luck charms. History Of The Chimney Sweep Good Luck Charm The 1700s saw a new legend born when King George was supposedly riding…

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