China | Good Luck Charm | Laughing Buddha

China Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm Perhaps the best-known symbols of luck ever, numerous people across the globe have chosen to add a laughing Buddha to their lives. That’s because, not only are these Buddhas happy looking with a large belly to rub for luck, they are also said to bring wealth and prosperity to any home they’re placed in. History Of The Laughing Buddha Good Luck Charm Although his true name is Budai, due to his jolly nature and…

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China | Good Luck Charm | Elephant

China Elephant Good Luck Charm Particularly popular in Feng Shui, the elephant is seen in Chinese culture as a kind animal full of wisdom and luck. So, to bring this luck to your life, simply add an elephant to your home or wear an elephant charm as a piece of jewelry. History Of The Elephant Good Luck Charm The elephant is a popular symbol in Chinese culture as well as Fen Shui, where many believe the elephant to represent those…

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China | Good Luck Charm | Dzi Beads

China Dzi Bead Good Luck Charm Often considered the most desired beads in the world, the Dzi beads of China come with a host of benefits, with many of the beads giving luck and fortune to those people who are blessed enough to wear them. History Of The Dzi Bead Good Luck Charm The history of Dzi beads is one of great myth and mystery, with few people agreeing on the origin of these lucky charms. Generally, though, a Dzi…

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