In Cuba, bad luck is taken very seriously. Indeed, even babies in this Latino country are given a good luck charm to keep bad thoughts away. Called an Azabache, this charm when worn as a bracelet or necklace, will protect against the Mal De Ojo (Evil Eye).

History Of The Cuban Azabache Good Luck Charm

In Cuba (and other Latin countries), it is believed that people giving you or your child jealous glances is a sign of the Evil Eye – or Mal De Ojo. Having the curse of the Evil Eye means you are likely to suffer bad luck and even injury. So, to protect yourself or loved ones, an Azabache good luck charm is worn. Because of this belief, an Azabache necklace or bracelet is a very popular gift given to newborn babies in Cuba. Azabache itself is a Spanish form of jet, a gemstone, and it is long believed that it can dispel bad energy and curses. In modern forms of Azabache charms, you will find a gold bracelet with beads of jet and red coral. These talismans usually have a fist charm made from jet.

Why The Cuban Azabache Charm Brings Luck

As Cubans believe that the Evil Eye can take hold of you just from the jealous glances of strangers, the Azabache can protect you from this. As, by letting the Evil Eye into your life will only result in bad luck and misfortune. Here the jet stone repels bad energy and keeps you lucky.

How To Use The Azabache Charm

In order to fully protect against the Evil Eye, your need to wear your Azabache stones at all times. This is usually by wearing a bracelet or necklace (usually gold) with jet beads.

How The Azabache Charm Is Made

Jet itself was made millions of years ago through carbon and water compressing together naturally. These stones can then be found mined in certain locations across the globe. The Azabache form of jet originated in Spain. Beads are then formed from this semi-precious organic stone and used on Azabache jewelry. The jet is usually used along with red coral and gold to make for a prettier piece of jewelry.

How To Make The Azabache Charm At Home

As it takes millions of years and incredibly high levels of pressure, you cannot make jet yourself. However, if you like to make jewelry you could buy the component parts separately and make a bracelet. You could even make something more unusual like earrings or a brooch, as all you need to bring luck is some Azabache or jet stones.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Azabache Charm

● In Turkey, there is a similar tradition of gifting children jewelry to protect them from the Blue Evil Eye.
● Azabache charms are also used in Puerto Rico.