Cyprus The Nazar Good Luck Charm

The Nazar charm is used all around the world but is widely associated with the Turkish region of North Cyprus. It is usually made from blue glass and contains the representation of an eye in the centre, made from circles of white and black. Some Nazar are very ornate and decorated with silver; the dimensions may vary significantly too, ranging from a small coin size up to the circumference of a dinner plate.

History Of The Nazar Good Luck Charm

The Nazar predates the appearance of Christ and is believed to have originated from the Egyptians. Over time, its pagan roots were largely forgotten and it was absorbed into a number of religions including Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism and Islam.

Why The Nazar Charm Brings Luck

The Nazar provides protection against the Evil Eye but also brings good luck too. It works by deflecting the power of the Evil Eye from its shiny surface, bouncing away the bad fortune that the curse brings. This is why it’s considered as a powerful token of good luck and an essential part of many households even in modern Cyprus.

How To Use The Nazar Charm

The charm is most commonly hung up in places where bad luck would be a problem, thereby guaranteeing good luck in the area. Homes frequently have a Nazar hung in every room and businesses display the Nazar to ensure they’re profitable. Fishermen paint Nazar on their boats and farmers even hang Nazar over valuable animals.

How The Nazar Charm Is Made

The Nazar charm is widely sold, even as a small bead, as well as a large charm. Made from blue glass fired in a furnace it should also contain copper, iron, salt and water for maximum protection and fortune.

How To Make The Nazar Charm At Home

One of the most fundamental elements of the Nazar good luck charm is that it must be given as a gift. It only imbues the owner with protection against the evil eye and good fortune if it’s given freely as a gift. You can’t make a Nazar for yourself and still receive the good fortune associated with it.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Nazar Charm

• The Nazar only brings luck for the original gift recipient, it cannot be passed on
• An image of the Nazar was included in the U-20 2013 World Cup logo
• The Nazar is one of the most popular tourist souvenirs from North Cyprus
• The Nazar can be found in many places if you look carefully enough including cars, ornaments and even children’s clothing.

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