Cyprus Olive Leaves Good Luck Charm

Cyprus is a country that has lots of superstitions which are believed to indicate whether good fortune will arrive for an individual or home. There are some ways to improve your fortunes, even if a bad omen has come your way, you can counteract it with a charm. Olive leaves are used as a powerful good luck charm, bringing good luck and blessings and warding away the evil eye. History Of The Olive Leaves Good Luck Charm There is no…

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Cyprus The Nazar Good Luck Charm

The Nazar charm is used all around the world but is widely associated with the Turkish region of North Cyprus. It is usually made from blue glass and contains the representation of an eye in the centre, made from circles of white and black. Some Nazar are very ornate and decorated with silver; the dimensions may vary significantly too, ranging from a small coin size up to the circumference of a dinner plate. History Of The Nazar Good Luck Charm…

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