Czech Republic The Carp Scales Good Luck Charm

The Czech Republic is a country which has a plethora of superstitions and practices believed to bring good luck, and many of these center on Christmas. From stepping on an ax under the table to eating a piece of stale bread, there are many auspicious actions you can take. However, carp scales are a charm that you can use all year round to court financial good luck and to bless your home with wealth.

History Of The Carp Scales Good Luck Charm

In the Czech Republic, carp is the traditional food eaten on Christmas Eve because those observing the Advent fast and unable to eat meat consider that the freshwater fish is permitted. Modern families often buy their carp ready for eating but traditionally, the carp was bought alive and kept in the bathtub for several days before being butchered and eaten. During the process of being prepared, carp fin and scales are removed. These are left under the plates to bring prosperity and also placed in the wallet to bring good luck all year round.

Why Carp Scales Charm Brings Luck

The tradition of eating carp and utilizing its scales dates back to the Middle Ages. The scales are believed to encourage good fortune and prosperity because the scales look like silver coins.

How To Use The Carp Scales Charm

The carp scales are placed under the plate and retrieved at the end of the meal by everyone around the table.

How The Carp Scales Charm Is Made

One of two scales are kept in the wallet or purse from the carp which is eaten for the Christmas meal.

How To Make The Carp Scales Charm At Home

No complex preparations are required to make this charm. A few carp scales are removed as the fish is prepared for the Christmas dinner table. They can be dried out so they don’t degrade so easily.

Interesting And Fun Facts About The Carp Scales Charm

• When the carp is served for Christmas dinner, it is carved into individual portions in the shape of a horseshoe to bring additional luck

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