Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Asabache Good Luck Charm

The evil eye, also known as the mal de ojo, is taken very seriously in many countries such as the Dominican Republic. With its ability to bring bad luck, it’s particularly important to shield newborn babies from its effects. The Azabache good luck charm wards off the evil eye and brings good fortune to the baby that wears it. History Of Asabache Good Luck Charm The Asabache came from Spain originally but its use spread throughout the Latino world, including…

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Dominican Republic Figa Good Luck Charm

The figa, also known as the higa in some places, is a symbol of good luck which is found in many places around the world, including the Dominican Republic. The figa consists of a fist, made by the thumb being inserted between the first and second finger. It’s not universally believed to be fortuitous because the shape of the hand made by the figa is considered to be insulting in some countries. However, the Dominican Republic is one of the…

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