Ethiopia Good Luck Charm

Ethiopia is a country in East Africa, which is one of the most populous landlocked countries in the world. One of the good luck charms in the country is the Coptic cross.

History of the Ethiopian Coptic cross

The Ethiopian Coptic cross is one of the oldest amulets in the Ethiopian culture. It is quite peculiar from other crosses because of the complex structure represented in it. The structure brings together a variety of historical Ethiopian influences. The Coptic cross is used as a sign of faith among Ethiopians, especially Christians. Ethiopians believe that the cross offers protection and provides blessings. Its origin is associated with Axum where it is said that queen Sheba brought the Ark of the Covenant after meeting King Solomon.

How the Coptic cross brings luck

The crafting of the amulet has a lot to do with the function the amulet is believed to play. The entangled and intricate patterns on the cross are skillfully designed. The cross, according to the Copts beliefs, is used to keep off evil spirits and bad luck. So by wearing it, you are protected from bad luck.
Additionally, the general single, unbroken line design of the cross symbolizes eternity. This means that you get protection from unforeseen unfortunate luck eventualities that could result in death. To make the most of this charm, you could engrave the cross to your body or carry it with you.

How the Coptic cross charm is made

The Ethiopian charm is made as a result of skilled artistry. It is made up of two bold lines of the same length that converge in the middle at right angles. Each angle has three points that represent the Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. It also has 12 points symbolizing the Apostles, who spread the Gospel message throughout the world.

How to make Coptic cross charm at home

The ensemble is handcrafted with precious metals using the traditional lost wax casting technique. The lost-wax technique allows the molds to be broken after every cast to produce this well-crafted good luck charm. You can go for the fairly priced amulets made of alloy or nickel or the expensive one made of silver and gold. Well, unless you are a skilled artist making this art of work from home can be complicated. The good thing is that you can find it in Ethiopian antic shops. You just have to ensure to get an authentic one!

Interesting and fun facts about the Coptic cross

  • Most Ethiopian Copts for hundreds of years tattooed the cross on the forehead or inside of the wrist.

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