Fiji Turtles Good Luck Charm

Traditionally in Fiji, the sea turtle represents good luck. Its shell is viewed as being symbolic of heaven while its soft underbody is seen as a symbol of the earth. History Of The Turtle Good Luck Charm In Fijian culture, it is believed that it was the sea turtle that first brought the human race to the land. Therefore, they are very significant creatures to the Fijian people. Not only that, but they are symbols of heaven and earth, said…

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Fiji Tiki Mask Good Luck Charm

The traditional Fijian hand-carved Tiki mask was created to bring protection to the owner. They are also said to bring the owner fertility and good luck. History Of The Tiki Mask Good Luck Charm The original Fiji Tiki masks were carved by hand from wood and were designed to be kept at the front of a house to keep bad luck from entering. Traditionally, they are carved to represent specific gods with the artist shaping the facial expressions of the…

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Fiji Tabua Good Luck Charm

The Tabua good luck charm comes from Fiji and holds considerable traditional significance. Made from a sperm whale’s tooth, this charm is believed to have great power. History Of The Tabua Good Luck Charm In the Fiji culture, the tooth of the sperm whale has long been valued as a symbol of power and great significance. Tabua have been traditionally gifted at ceremonial events, given as offerings for peace or for war or as a token to symbolise a marriage.…

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