Finland Hannunvaakuna Good Luck Charm

A quick search online will draw up endless search results relating to Finland’s native good luck charm – the Hannunvaakuna – from ancient explorations of the good luck charm at work, to modern day garments and gifts which display the symbol in all its finery for 21st century followers to buy into. But what is the symbol, where did it come from, and what does it mean for those who own it? The term ‘Hannunvaakuna’ is visually defined as a…

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Finland Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm

Sometimes known as the tursan sydan, the Tursaansydan symbol means “heart of Tursas”, with Tursas being a god from the Finnish pagan religion. This ancient Finnish symbol dates back to the prehistoric age and has a swastika as part of its design. Believed to protect from curses and bring luck, this symbol was traditionally used as a motif decorating buildings and furniture in its native Finland. History Of The Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm Tursaansydän translates in English as “heart of…

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