Finland Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm

Sometimes known as the tursan sydan, the Tursaansydan symbol means “heart of Tursas”, with Tursas being a god from the Finnish pagan religion. This ancient Finnish symbol dates back to the prehistoric age and has a swastika as part of its design. Believed to protect from curses and bring luck, this symbol was traditionally used as a motif decorating buildings and furniture in its native Finland. History Of The Tursaansydan Good Luck Charm Tursaansydän translates in English as “heart of…

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Finland Hannunvaakuna Good Luck Charm

The Hannunvaakuna symbol first originated in Northern Europe in prehistoric times. As a pagan Finnish symbol, it was believed to ward off the unwanted effects of evil spirits and bad luck. The meaning of its name literally translates into English as “Hannu’s arms’’. History Of The Hannunvaakuna Good Luck Charm The Hannunvaakuna has been around since ancient times, although in more recent years it has been given a new Christian name – the St John’s Arms. In the old Pagan…

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