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Luck carries a different meaning across the world, but all nations have a story to tell. Not walking under a ladder to avoiding the number 13, everyone has things they do to avoid bad luck. Carrying lucky charms is one of the most popular and, although different from nation to nation, the meaning is ultimately the same.

Singapore Good Luck Charm

Being so closely linked to China and Chinese rituals, it is no surprise that Feng Shui is an art practiced in Singapore. Meaning “Wind Water”, it is a process of harnessing energy and turning it into good luck. Singaporeans follow the art, and also have dragons – the most revered good luck charm in China – among their lucky charms with good luck and wealth said to be provided by the creatures. Pineapples are also another left-field charm in Singapore with residents rolling one into a new home or work place to bring good fortune.

History of the charm dragons

Dragons signify power, dignity and wealth in both Singapore and China with the dragon dance a famous part of celebrations – particularly at New Year. Wearing a dragon charm is said to bring all of the powers to the individual as well as good luck too.

Why the dragons charms is bringing luck

As mentioned, the esteem that dragons are held in by Singaporeans means that they are a popular lucky charm. By wearing a dragon on a bracelet or necklace, that power, wealth and luck is said to with the wearer.

How to use the dragon charm

Dragon charms are very pretty in design and make an attractive accompaniment to a necklace chain or bracelet.

How the dragons charms are made

Dragon charms are traditionally made from mainly gold, although silver versions are also widely available, and produced with incredible design elements. From very small dragons to bigger ones with creative designs, both women and men wear these charms.

How to make a dragon charm at home

You will need to buy the actual charm itself, unless you have the capabilities to craft gold yourself. What you can do is design a nice necklace strap or create a bangle or charm bracelet to add it to and give it your own special touch.

Interesting and fun facts about the dragon charms

• Dragons are a symbol of power, wealth and luck in Singapore
• Dragon charms are a popular accompaniment on necklaces and bracelets

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