Slovakia Carp scales Good Luck Charms from Around the World

From one person to the next, what we think brings us good luck differs. Some consider a horseshoe to be lucky, others a certain coin. Religion can determine a lucky charm, nationality can equally point to a certain reason why we deem something to be lucky. There is no right or wrong when it comes to luck, just a case of believing that a charm can bring it.

Slovakia Good Luck Charm

Slovakia is one of a number of countries where fish is traditionally eaten as a Christmas Eve meal, just like neighbours the Czech Republic. The good luck element comes from the fact that the carp scales are cut off and saved in a person’s wallet, most often until the following Christmas Eve, to provide the luck.

History of the charm carp scales

Several European countries use the method of saving the carp scales to bring luck for 12 months. Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Poland are among them. Slovakia follows the tradition too, which is said to have been born as a Christmas tradition due to fish being a sign of Christ and Christianity.

Why the carp scales charms is bringing luck

For followers of Christianity, keeping the carp scales inside a wallet or purse for 12 months until the following Christmas Eve is said to provide good fortune to a person and their family.

How to use the carp scales charm

It couldn’t be easier to use carp scales to provide luck. Same them after eating a fish, soak them in milk and salt to remove the fishy smell and keep them in your wallet for an entire year.

How the carp scales charms are made

After the fish is cooked on Christmas Eve, people will take some scales to keep for the year. Most people choose to keep the scales in their wallet, although other forms of storage are possible and still receiving the good luck they are said to provide.

How to make a carp scales charm at home

Providing you like fish, it is easy to make a carp scales charm at home. Cook the fish on Christmas Eve as part of the traditional meal and ensure you save some scales. It is up to you how you store them and if you opt for the wallet to keep your scales. A year of good luck will await you while you have the scales.

Interesting and fun facts about the carp scales charms

• Carp scales lucky charms are said to originate due to fish being a sign of Christ
• Traditionally fish would be kept alive in the bathtub until being cooked on Christmas Eve
• Milk and salt is used to remove the smell of the fish from the scales

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