Greece Gouria Good Luck Charm

Greek history is full of Greek gods and the myths that come along with them but it was also the first country to establish a democracy. These days the main industry is tourism and Greek people are warm and welcoming to anyone that comes to visit their beautiful country. History of The Gouria Good Luck Charm The Gouria has been a symbol of luck in Greece since ancient times and the word Gouri translates as Good Luck or Good Luck…

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Greece Mati Good Luck Charm

The Evil Eye is well known across many countries, with people believing that it will curse you when you aren’t even aware it is staring at you. Throughout history, people have tried to find many ways of avoiding the Evil Eye and the Greeks are no different. History of The Mati Good Luck Charm The Mati has been a good luck charm in Greece for a very long time but you wouldn’t be blamed for seeing it as an Evil…

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Greece Pomegranate Good Luck Charm

When preparing to visit Greece one of the highlights to look forward to is the food. Sun-ripened sweet tomatoes, feta, and olives are heavenly, followed by a small but very sweet mouthful of nutty Baklava. However, the pomegranate is seen as a symbol of wealth, luck and health and Greeks are keen to grow as many as possible! History of The Pomegranate Good Luck Charm The Pomegranate has long been part of the New Year in Greece when, on the…

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