Iceland Charmstones Good Luck Charm

Charmstones have been used all around the world to bring good fortune and luck. Although they are a naturally occurring stone, charmstones are usually shaped artificially to provide a more pleasing aesthetic effect. History Of The Charmstones Good Luck Charm In Iceland, charmstones are mentioned in 12th century law books but is found in Icelandic culture predating this by many centuries. In all of Scandinavia, including Iceland, ancient warriors would carry special stones with them into battle which they called…

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Iceland| Good Luck Charm | Runes

Iceland Runes Good Luck Charm Runes are commonly found in many cultures, including Icelandic. As well as being believed to hold magical qualities, runes were the original means of communication, predating the Latin alphabet. There are many different systems of runes in Scandinavian culture but the one most closely associated with Iceland is Futhark. History Of The Runes Good Luck Charm Runes are much more complex than the modern Latin-based alphabet as a single symbol can be read in a…

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