India Cat’s Eye Stone Good Luck Charm

Cat’s eye stone is the colloquial term for a naturally occurring gemstone. Chrysoberyl comes in a number of varieties and one of its subtypes, cymophane, is often known as cat’s eye stone because of its remarkable striking appearance. With a luminous streak and distinctive yet subtle banding, the overall effect is similar to that of a cat’s eye, hence the nickname. Cat’s eye stone is used in India to bring good fortune, luck and to aid in the return of…

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India Rudraksha Good Luck Charm

Rudraksh is a seed which comes from the Eliocarpus ganitrus tree which is believed to have spiritual qualities. When worn, Rudraksh can provide protection against negative energies and protect prosperity as well as encouraging abundance. History Of The Rudraksha Good Luck Charm Legend says that once upon a time there was a powerful demon known as Tripurasur who was so strong he was able to challenge the deities. To defeat him, the deities prayed to Devadhidev Mahadeva Shiva for help.…

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