Italy Cornicello Good Luck Charm

The cornicello charm is recognized across Italy as bringing good luck and fortune. Traditionally it protects against the evil eye and promotes virility and fertility. It is also known as curniciello and comes from the Italian for “little horn” (cornetto). In some places the cornicello is known as the Italian horn instead. The horn is long and undulating and believed to be from the eland but also resembles a chilli pepper. History Of The Cornicello Good Luck Charm The cornicello…

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Italy Cimaruta Good Luck Charm

The Cimaruta is one of the oldest types of good luck charm deriving from pagan Italy, known as a Cimaruta. It has an unusual appearance as it’s a collection of different charms which are joined together, intended to mimic the appearance of the leafy plant, rue. Each of the charms which appear on the Cimaruta have their own meaning which together offer good luck and protection. History Of The Cimaruta Good Luck Charm Rue was believed to be a sacred…

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Italy Il Gobbo Good Luck Charm

One of the more unusual Italian good luck charm, Il Gobbo is a miniature figurine of a hunchback. Gobbo translates as “hunchback” as is seen in the original title of the classic by Victor Hugo “Il Gobbo di Notre Dame”. History Of The Il Gobbo Good Luck Charm Gobbo looks very similar to Bes, an Egyptian spirit who represented abundance and prosperity. Bes was also very virile but when he made the transition into Christianity, this element of his persona…

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