Jamaica Ginger Root Good Luck Charm

History Of The Ginger Root Good Luck Charm Also known as African Ginger, or more informally Jake Root, the root of the ginger plant has been known for centuries to have healing and medicinal properties, but did you know that the natives of Jamaica have also used ginger in good luck charms for many years too. It is actually a herb whose origins trail back to both India and China, and to this day it is still a main ingredient…

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Jamaica Sea Heart Good Luck Charm

History Of The Sea Heart Good Luck Charm Sea hearts are known the world over, especially in tropical locations, because they are the seeds from the Entada Gigas plant. It is rumored that Columbus was especially interested in these seed pods as he found them on his many travels around the world, washed up on beaches in locations such as Portugal and the Azores. It is even thought that the origin of these sea hearts spurred him on to discover…

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