Japan Koi Fish Good Luck Charm

History Of The Koi Fish Good Luck Charm The Koi carp is popular in both Japan and China as a good luck charm, and the fascination with this creature first began in the 1800s. It was first bred in the west of Japan in the modern-day prefecture of Niigata, on the Honshu isle that makes up the archipelago. Locals originally bred them for food, and they were kept in large ponds which the rice paddies were flooded with. It was…

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Japan Maneki-Neko Good Luck Charm

History Of The Maneki-Neko Good Luck Charm The Maneki-neko good luck charm is believed to have been first created in Tokyo, however some believe that it originates from Kyoto. It’s rich history stems from over 150 years ago, to the time of the Edo era. The first mention of this lucky charm can be found in a chronology of the era which dates back to 1852. This is also the same year that a famous painting by artist Hiroshige displayed…

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