Kazakhstan Tumar Good Luck Charm

The Tumar is a good luck charm that is worn as an ornamental pendant around the neck. These charms are becoming more popular in Kazakhstan and are often given as gifts to wish the bearer good luck. History of The Tumar Good Luck Charm The Tumar has been used as a symbol of luck in Kazakhstan since ancient times – these amulets traditionally held prayers from the Koran and were worn to keep the wearer safe. The Tumar is now…

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Kazakhstan Owl Good Luck Charm

The owl has long been a good luck charm in Kazakhstan, with people seeing them as sacred animals. The notion of eating owl meat, killing owls or using any part of them with the exception of owl feathers is regarded as a bad omen and against the national belief. History of the Owl Good Luck Charm There is a commonly held belief that owls became a symbol of good luck when one saved the life of Genghis Khan. Since then…

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