Kenyan Lucky Horn Good Luck Charm

In Kenya, the duiker, kudu and oryx horns are all deemed to be good luck charms for the Kenyan market but did you know they are highly sought after since the charms come from animals that are hunted for their horns. Illegal poaching has caused irreparable damage in Africa and the animals that these horns come from are declining rapidly. This, in turn, is making them more and more valuable. History of the Duiker, Kudu and Oryx Horn Good Luck…

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Kenyan Olkereti Good Luck Charm

History of the Olkereti Good Luck Charm The Olkereti is a traditional amulet used by the Maasai community when preparing and celebrating a wedding. The amulets are made from the white bull and turned into the wearable amulets that we see the Maasai wearing today around their necks and adorning their hands. Why the Olkereti Charm Brings Luck The Olkereti are said to bring luck to newlywed couples and the women of the community when hoping for a child. They…

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