Kiribati Good Luck Charm

The Republic of Kiribati is a country in the Central Pacific Ocean. Though a Westernized country, the people of Kiribati have maintained a rich ancient history and traditional customs. The culture can be discerned through folk music, dancing, and handicrafts. One of the most intriguing talismans in Kiribati is the good luck rotating charm that is associated with fortune and energy.

History of the good luck rotating charm

This good luck charm comes in the form of a legal tender. It is rare and mostly available in Tuvalu, from where people of Kiribati and specifically of the Tuvalu origin acquired it mostly during the trade. The good luck charm is released sparingly to the population, and that explains its rarity. Those who possess the rotating charm keep it to themselves to attract good luck to their lives.

Why the good luck rotating charm brings charm

The people of Kiribati believe that the rotating charm depicts the strength of a koi fish that is swimming upstream. This belief firmly holds as the islanders engage in fishing activities, making the metaphor even more believable. Therefore, the charm is believed to give the person in possession good luck in life.

Besides, the rotating charm good luck charm gives ambition, strength, and freedom to the one in possession.

How to use the good luck rotating charm

The good luck charm is used in trade, especially between the people of Kiribati and Tuvalu. However, most people in Kiribati have always preferred to keep the rotating charm to themselves and to carry it whenever they go. This is said to attract good luck to them, which follows them wherever they go.

The charm is modifiable into jewelry, such as necklaces and brackets. So, the rotating charm good luck can be worn around the neck. Once it has been crafted into jewelry, it can also be carried in a purse or the pocket. That makes it possible for people to take them wherever they go to attract good luck!

How the good luck rotating charm is made

The good luck rotating charm is originally made and released by the Perth Mint. The charm is made from pure silver. A yellow topaz bead is set in such a manner that it rotates in the middle of the good luck charm.

How to make the good luck rotating charm at home

The charm is not easy to make at home. However, that should not disappoint you as you can get one from the comfort of where you are. Simply lookup on the internet for the auction house or a private seller. It is, however, worth noting that the rotating charm doesn’t come that cheap. So you may need to save and short smartly to avoid getting scammed.

Interesting and fun facts about the rotating charm good luck charm

  • The good luck rotating charm has a yellow topaz used on it. The topaz is said to bring good luck and energy and not just to the people of Kiribati but in other places like China.

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