Kuwait Good Luck Charm

The small emirate country is situated in one of the driest deserts on earth. It is nestled between Iraq and Saudi Arabia, hence explaining the cultural cross-section of its people. Although the people of Kuwait embrace diverse facets of Western Culture, they have maintained a conservative culture. Modern-day Kuwaitis are descendants of the nomadic tribes who settled on the Coast of the Arabian Gulf during the 18th century. They moved to avoid the desert drought and also get strategic defense from their attackers, primarily the Iraqis. This explains why one good luck charm, the swastika, is also a symbol of peace and harmony.

History of the Swastika Good Luck Charm

The Swastika good luck charm is used across many cultures around the world, as a symbol of peace. The term swastika has its etymology from Sanskrit, svastika. The word means “conducive to well-being.” The icon of peace has a well-balanced and symmetrical appearance, symbolizing harmony and peace.

The swastika good luck charms were first traced in Mesopotamia from around 5500 BC. They were found on the Mesopotamian currency and are believed to have astrological significance. However, the symbolic relevance spread to other cultures, including to the Kuwaitis, where the swastika has found deep reverence and idolization as a symbol of good luck, peace, and harmony.

Why the Swastika charm brings good luck

The swastika charm is an auspicious symbol. It is believed to bear an astrological significance. Besides, it is believed to make people fertile and also bring them good fortune.

How to Use the Swastika

The swastika icon is found on the Mesopotamian coins. One can carry around the coin as a piece of good luck all the time. Similarly, the Swastika can be daubed on the skin or painted on walls to attract good fortune to your home.

How Swastika Charm is made

Initially, it was found on Mesopotamian coins. Hence, all that one required to do was to obtain the coins to get the swastika with you. However, over time as the culture spread across, the swastika is now produced in many mediums.

How to make Swastika Good Charm at home

Making this charm at home is quite simple. All you need to do is to paint a swastika symbol on the walls. That way, you will have the symbol of peace and harmony, and such as attracts good fortune to your home.

Interesting and fun facts about the swastika charm

  • The swastika icon is used for food packets to show that the product is vegetarian in China.
  • The four points on Mesopotamian Swastika are believed to point to the four pillars of heaven.
  • The swastika can be used while facing in either direction. However, it is commonly depicted when facing to the right.

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