Latvian Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm

History of the Seven Day Ring Good Luck Charm The Seven Day Ring has four main stories behind it, but also quite a few variations of those stories as well. There is a very good chance that the stories adapted over long periods of time and that Baltic people applied the ring’s luck in different ways as a result. Story number one is a simple one. The Seven Day Ring is seen simply as an engagement ring with deep ties…

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Latvia Laima Sign for Good luck

For such a simple set of lines, the Laima sign is incredibly powerful. Known as one of Latvia’s most iconic goddesses, Laima oversees the lives of those in Latvia and beyond. Laima symbols can be created very easily and can just as easily become a part of anyone’s life who wishes to have the graces of the Latvian goddess bestowed upon them. History of the Laima Sign The Laima sign is perhaps the oldest known Latvian symbol. It dates back…

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