The Molomo Monate is a plant that is sometimes used as a natural sweetener – it literally translates to mean ‘mouth nice’ and people can use the whole plant, including the root in food production. In Lesotho, Molomo Monate has been used as a good luck charm for many years and continues to be popular with people of all ages.

History of The Molomo Monate Good Luck Charm

The reason the Molomo Monate has been used for so long as a good luck charm is partly due to the sweet flavor it gives when it is eaten or chewed. People believed that eating it could bring you good luck in love and other areas of your life; this belief has been held for many years and shows no sign of abating.

Why the Molomo Monate Charm Brings Luck

The Molomo Monate is one of the most popular charms in Lesotho as it is seen as one that brings positivity and can be used to bring the person luck in love, fertility, eloquence, and respect. It is said to have magic in its roots that spread throughout the plant and it is this that helps bring good luck to the user.

How to Use the Molomo Monate Charm

The Molomo Monate plant is used as a good luck charm in various ways. For example, complainants have been known to eat it to gain the ability to speak clearly and be heard positively. The root can be powdered and used in a bath to bring luck in love or chewed to bring luck to the person eating it. This plant has many varied uses with the sole purpose of gaining good luck.

How the Molomo Monate Charm Is Made

Molomo Monate is grown in shrub form in Lesotho, pulled up from the roots. The climate can be warm or cold as the plant thrives well in either. Molomo Monate produces bright green leaves with purple patches.

How to Make the Molomo Monate Charm at Home

If you want to grow your own Molomo Monate plant at home you will need to have a temperate climate and a place to plant it that is big enough for it to spread. This plant can grow excessively and so it is recommended to plant it in large pots rather than straight into the ground. The plant needs to be kept wet as this makes it easier to remove it by the root.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Molomo Monate Charm

  • The Molomo Monate is also known as the ‘ways opener’ due to the belief that it can bring you luck when trying to share your feelings with others.