Liechtenstein good luck charm

In Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in Europe, it is believed that horseshoe brings good luck.

History of the horseshoe good luck charm

The horseshoe good luck charm is a common belief not just in Liechtenstein. It’s also quite common in the USA, Egypt and other parts of the world. Over the centuries, several stories have emerged about the origin of the horseshoe good luck charm belief. The early western European believed that Iron had magical power and therefore believed that the fact that the horseshoe was made from Iron meant that it could drive away evil powers.

A story is told about an Irish blacksmith who made horseshoes. It is said that one day, the devil came to his workplace, and to drive him away, he took a hot horseshoe he was forging and planted it into the devil’s hooves. Running away in pain, the devil promised never again to get near a horseshoe. The Chaldeans in the 8th century had a belief that the crescent shape of the horseshoe protected against the horseshoe. It is also said that the witches never traveled on horseback but used broomsticks as they were scared of the Iron horseshoes.

Why horseshoe brings luck

Some people in Liechtenstein believe that the horseshoe brings luck, and offers protection against misfortunes brought by an evil power.

How to use the horseshoe charm

The majority of people in Liechtenstein use the horseshoe charm by hanging it into the entrances of their homes or businesses. The horseshoe can be hanged heels up like the letter ‘U’ or heels down. When it is hung with heels up, it is believed to collect all the good luck and keeps it from running out of the shoe. However, with heels down, it is believed that good luck pours to everyone who goes in through the door.

How the horseshoe charm is made

Most people in Liechtenstein and other countries, often cast the horseshoe charm from Iron steel.

How to make horseshoe charm at home

From your home, you can easily design your horseshoe charm following the steps below.

  • Find Iron steel, a hammer, forge, and pritchel
  • Forge the steel and, using a hammer, bang the heated metal until you achieve your desired shape that is concave or crescent.
  • When the steel is still hot, use a pritchel to punch holes into it

Interesting and fun fact about the horseshoe charm

  • The older the horseshoe is the better protection and luck it offers.

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