Lucky News

A lucky charm, soap, or wall decoration?

The year 2020 has been one of the most dramatic times in world news. There have been the fires in Australia, the locusts in Africa, the pandemic and now the protests against injustice spreading across the globe. It seems like we all need a dose of luck in these exceptional and strange time. Bezalal Incubator is a designer of products. Their latest design is powerful in this time of COVID-19. They have created a wall design, which hangs as a…

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Celebrities and their lucky charms

There are a host of lucky charms out there. There is a favourite pair of undies, a rabbit foot keychain or a penny plucked from the floor. As some point, we all show a little faith in objects to bring us luck. Celebrities are no different to us in their desire to get some good fortune. This is not surprising, as since the beginning of time people have looked to symbols, objects, or animals. Maybe if the lucky charms of…

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The Myth of the Horseshoe

On a practical level, a horse needs its hooves to be shod in iron to allow it to travel on harder surfaces without damaging its feet. Iron his heated to a degree that means it can be bent round into an arch and seven holes are pierced into the hot metal for the nails. The shoe is then hammered onto the horse’s hoof. In the beginning, the shoe for the horse was nothing more than a primitive sandal. However, in…

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Lucky Charms

Seven lucky charms

Many people swear by a lucky charm and others think they are facile and silly. Regardless of your thoughts, the different charms are likely to survive well beyond our lifetime, as they have thrived for millennia to date. From a rabbit’s foot to horseshoes, we look to objects and the stories they represent to shape our fortune. Here we look at the most popular charms around the world and why they hold such powers for us. Four-leaf clover We have…

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Why do we still believe in luck?

Lucky charms and superstitions have been part of our lives for Millennia. Despite science and spiritual belief moving on, our loyalty to the concept of luck remains. While we might criticise ourselves for an over-reliance on outside forces, a belief in luck might also give us the courage to take greater chances than we might otherwise. The opportunity to risk Luck is an interesting component in our understanding of risk and change. For instance, one day we might be mugged…

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Top 9 Inspirational Quotes about Luck

Through time people have had a lot to say about luck, to the point it seems we are a little obsessed. And, why not? We live our life hoping that things will go our way and wondering why they don’t. We challenge the fairness of life and look for ways to tip justice in our favour a little more. Therefore, with this in mind, we have sought out the 10 most inspiration quotations on luck and we will have a…

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