Malaysia Money Tag Good Luck Charm

Malaysia is not only home to Mount Kinabalu it also enjoys one of the largest cave systems in the world! The country is heavily influenced by other Asian countries and many of the Malaysian traditions are taken from other cultures. History of The Money Tag Good Luck Charm The Money Tag was originated in China where people would attach tags to trees in the hope of becoming more affluent. This is typically practiced by the Chinese people who have relocated…

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Malaysia Golden Arowana Good Luck Charm

Malaysia has a population of over 30 million people and is well known for its national animal the Malayan tiger but it is a fish that is required for luck in this country! History of The Golden Arowana Good Luck Charm The Golden Arowana comes from the west of Malaysia and appears to be made of gold until you see it moving in the water. It used to be a rare fish but due to commercial breeding, it can now…

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