Mexico Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Good Luck Charm

History of The Red Ribbon Around Aloe Vera Good Luck Charm Mexico is well known for being the home to the Day of The Dead where they celebrate loved ones that have passed on to the next life but the country holds many more surprises, including a range of charms and superstitions. When traveling to Mexico you will probably notice Aloe Vera plants outside buildings with small red ribbons tied around the leaves. They look pretty on the steps to…

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Mexico Milagros Good Luck Charm

History of The Milagros Good Luck Charm In Mexico, Milagros have a long history as charms that can be used to promote healing and wellbeing. They are typically made from metal and are small charms that are decorated with a range of images; from arms and legs to animals and crosses. Milagros were designed as small religious charms to be used for protection against evil spirits and to provide the owner with luck. They have a long history and are…

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Mexico Veladora Good Luck Charm

History of The Veladora Good Luck Charm Mexican culture is full of idiosyncrasies that can confuse travelers and visitors to the country. Veladoras may look like a heavily decorated candle but they are far more than that to the Mexican people and they represent their link to God. The candles are used to help with praying and meditating as well as being used to ask for God’s help. Mexico has a strong religious background and the notion of praying to…

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