New Zealand

New Zealand – Hei-Mataau Charm

New Zealand Hei-Mataau Good Luck Charm The traditional Maori Hei-Mataau charm is a greenstone or bone carving which takes the shape of a stylised fish hook. It is said to represent good luck, strength and safe travel over the water. History Of The Hei-Mataau Good Luck Charm The Hei-Mataau charm has the shape of a fish hook because it represents the traditional Maori legend which states that New Zealand’s North Island was originally an enormous fish which was caught by…

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New Zealand – Hei-Tiki Charm

New Zealand Hei-Tiki Good Luck Charm The Hei-Tiki is a traditional Maori charm which is worn as an ornamental pendant around the neck (the word Hei in its name means “to wear round the neck”). Often known simply as “tiki” these symbols are said to bring luck to those who wear them. History Of The Hei-Tiki Good Luck Charm Since ancient times, the Hei-Tiki symbol has been viewed as a charm to bring good luck. The charm is believed to…

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