North Korea Good Luck Charm

It is common to hear news networks in North Korea propagating news that portray the West and specifically America in a bad light. Interestingly though, despite the ideological differences between the two countries, many North Koreans have continued to idolize the United States 1 dollar bill. Yes, the dollar bill has gained popularity as a symbol of good luck, and hence many Koreans keep it to attract good fortune in their lives.

History of the 1 dollar bill good luck charm

The North Korean economy has increasingly become reliant on foreign trade and currency. As a result, the US dollar has become commonplace among the North Korean people, and especially the young North Koreans. Their continued possession of the 1 dollar bill has become something like a cult symbol of the West, of money and capital. Many young people continue to fantasize about the United States, as they jealously guard their bills to attract good luck. This is despite the efforts by the North Korean government to warn its people against US fantasies.

Why the 1 dollar bill charm brings good luck

The 1 dollar bill is estimated to be less common now than it used to be about a decade ago. However, many North Koreans continue to enjoy the cult status of the 1 dollar bill as they believe that it symbolizes three essential aspects of their lives. They have a belief that the 1 dollar bill charm can create economic progression, freedom, and some sort of escapism.

The North Koreans also treasure the 1 dollar bill more than any other denomination because it features President George Washington of the United States. Besides, the word ‘one’ in the dollar bill is said to symbolize a smooth path to wealth and great success.

Interestingly, parents give their children 1 dollar bills, as they believe that will bring them good luck to grow to be influential, wealthy, and successful people in the world.

How to use the 1 dollar bill charm

North Koreans keep the 1 dollar bill charm safely away from the government authorities. It is because the North Korean government continues to fight the US ideologies and influence on its people. That explains why some young North Koreans and especially students keep the good luck charm in their pockets and tuck the bills between the pages of their textbooks-to bring them good luck and to keep them safe from the state.

How the 1 dollar bill good luck charm is made

As you might know already, the 1 dollar bill is issued in the United States by the Federal Reserve. In other words, it is available in circulation in North Korea as the country’s economy has become increasingly reliant on foreign trade and currency. The dollar bill has even risen in popularity to overtake North Korean currency.

How to make 1 dollar bill charm at home

Unfortunately, you can’t make this one at home unless you encounter the 1 dollar bill as you trade. Most North Koreans will protect the good luck charm from prying eyes of the state. So, it is pretty hard to get in other parts of the world as they are rare.

Interesting and fun facts about the 1 dollar bill charm

  • The US dollar is used in North Korea now more than ever before
  • 1 dollar bill is seen as contraband even as good luck charm and may attract severe punishment from the state

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