Poland Carp Scales Good Luck Charm

The tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve is quite well known but not everyone knows that when Polish people eat carp on Christmas Eve, they keep the scales of the fish for good luck and prosperity. History of The Carp Scales Good Luck Charm In the past, it was believed that a person, or family, should keep the carp in their bathtub until it was time to kill, cook and eat the delicious fish. Once the fish was prepared…

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Poland Jew with a Coin Good Luck Charm

The Jew with a Coin charm is associated with having good luck in terms of becoming rich or at least not having any money worries. They are usually figurines or little statues but they can also be images. Oil paintings of Jews with Coins are also lucky charms. History of The Jew with a Coin Good Luck Charm The history of this charm doesn’t date back very long. While figures of traditionally dressed Jews were found many years ago, the…

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