Slovenia Cuckoo call Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Horseshoes, a rabbit’s foot and coins are some of the most familiar lucky charms around the world. But there are other unknowns which will surprise you. From wishing some a lot of pigs, to keep the horns of animals, good luck charms and folklore spans the globe. From what might seem the sublime to the ridiculous, there is a story behind every charm.

Slovenia Good Luck Charm

Slovenia has some strange superstitions and good luck charms, not least the fact that you will be lucky if you see an elephant passing. Pigs, doves and pigeons are also lucky, but forget about seeing owls, a black rat or killing a spider….as bad luck beckons. One of the most popular lucky charms in Slovenia is hearing a cuckoo’s call, which signifies wealth and having money in your pocket.

History of the charm cuckoo’s call

It goes down in folklore more than any historical reference, but Slovenians swear by hearing a cuckoo’s call representing good luck on the financial front. The only prerequisite of the charm is that having money in your pocket when hearing it is a sign of the fortune when it comes to wealth.

Why the cuckoo’s call charms is bringing luck

The charm associated with hearing a cuckoo’s call is all about providing luck with money. There’s no definition of what that actually means, other than prosperity for the person hearing the call.

How to use the cuckoo’s call charm

There’s no way of actually using it. It’s all about….err…luck in the first place to hear the cuckoo break song, and have money in your pocket at the time it happens. If the stars align, you will have luck when it comes to your finances.

How the cuckoo call charms are made

The cuckoo’s call needs to be heard, so it isn’t a charm that is made.

How to make a cuckoo call charm at home

You can’t physically make them. You just need to have a cuckoo call within hearing range to be the recipient of the good luck.

Interesting and fun facts about the cuckoo’s call charm

• The cuckoo call charm is one of several animal related lucky charms in Slovenia
• Pigs, doves and pigeons are lucky along with elephants, owls, black rats and dead spiders aren’t

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