Solomon Islands Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Amulets come in a variety of forms with those associated with witchcraft to ones made from animal horns or precious metals or gemstones. They are all associated with protection and good luck and provide a charm to live life to the fullest. Across the world other more commonly charms are used like horseshoes and four-leaf clovers. From country to country, the message is the same…it is all about being lucky.

Solomon Islands Good Luck Charm

Being a collection of small islands, the Solomon Islands all use different amulets as good luck charms. From gold coin shaped amulets featuring star patters to hand crafted versions with symbols written on them, amulets are used across the Solomon Islands to protect from evil and provide good luck.

History of the charm amulets

Like many island nations, the charms date back to the indigenous times. The Solomon Islands is no different with amulets having been worn throughout centuries of history.

Why the amulet charm is bringing luck

The Solomon Islands are the same as amulets in other nations across the world. They are seen as a form of protection from evil spirits. By preventing the presence of the evil, they can help bring luck to the wearer of the amulet.

How to use the amulet charm

Amulets are a small coin like shape and size and are best worn on a necklace chord and draped around the neck.

How the amulet charms are made

Amulets in the Solomon Islands can be made from a variety of materials. You will see some created from gold, others from brass. They feature incredibly intricate designs on the amulets with inspiring symbols. Non-metallic versions have included stone and shell, again these such options featuring artwork and symbols.

How to make a amulet charm at home

You’ll need a charm and a necklace string to create your own. Alternatively, you can use a stone, shell you’ve found on the beach or even some coloured glass that has had any sharp edges safely removed. Paint on your own inspiring Solomon Islands-related symbols to create your lucky charm.

Interesting and fun facts about the amulet charm

• Amulets in the Solomon Islands differ from island to island
• The amulets can be made from anything from gold to shell
• Amulets have also contained parts of fish and dogs teeth in the Solomon Islands

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