Somalia Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Wherever you go in the world, you will come across a story or two about being lucky. The folklore stories will often tell a tale of an item that helped provide the luck from rabbit’s feet to horseshoes, or stories of protection from amulets and wealth from ingots. Good luck charms are as diverse as the planet we live on.

Somalia Good Luck Charm

Like many African countries, Somolians use amulets as a good luck charm and to ward off the evil eye. They are more about protection from evil spirits, but equally provide good luck. Made from metal and also sometimes featuring a beaded bracelet, amulets have a rich history among Somalis

History of the charm amulets

Amulet charms in Somalia are thought to date back to the Yibir clan, who produced amulets and charms for protection from evil, including the evil eye which is known as ilaaco sihir meaning eye and black magic. Known as fortune-tellers according to references, the Yibir clan would work with the Tumaal trib of metalworkers and blacksmiths to create the amulets.

Why the amulet charm is bringing luck

Somali amulets are about protection more than luck, with the idea of them being to keep evil away. Where an amulet is not used for luck is during ceremonies. At such events, women wear silver or gold amulets as a status symbol and not for the protection or luck that they are intended.

How to use the amulet charm

Amulets in Somalia are worn on bracelets, which often also feature wooden beads around the strap for added decoration, or hanging from a necklace. The beads on the bracelet are intended to create noise with more than one worn at a time.

How the amulet charms are made

The amulets themselves are made from gold or silver traditionally in Somalia. They feature inspirational designs and scriptures to provide the protection. They are hung from necklace chords or bracelets which can also have wooden beads added.

How to make a amulet charm at home

It is easy to hang a Somali amulet from a necklace chord you may have at home and wear it. Such is the size of the small amulets, you can also add them to a charm bracelet you may already have, or create a new bracelet.

Interesting and fun facts about the amulet charm

• Evil eye is known as ilaaco sihir in Somali, meaning eye and black magic.
• Amulets were first created by the Yabir clan in Somalia
• Wooden beads are added to bracelets in order to help create noise as the wearer walks

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