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We all search for luck and have our own superstitions as how to get it. It might be hanging a horseshoe, keeping a rabbit’s foot or wearing an amulet for protection. There are a vast variety of lucky charms, all with the intention of providing the same thing. Avoiding bad luck and being the recipient of health, wealth, happiness and good fortune is what each and every one of them is intended for.

South Africa Good Luck Charm

With such a rich and diverse history and heritage, good luck charms come in a host of varieties in South Africa. One of the most popular is the Zulu amulets known as Ama-khubalo, which provided protection to the tribes of the Kwa-zula Natal region long before the modern days of the Rainbow nation.

History of the lucky charm Zulu amulets

Zulus are a native race of people who call Southern Africa home. They are famed as natural warriors and famed for beadwork. It some of that beadwork that appears in Zulu amulets first created as a protective necklace containing herbs, roots, herbs, tree bark, wood and bones. The combination is said to have medicinal purposes and provide power. More modern versions of Zulu amulets feature beads and colours threads and chord.

Why Zulu amulets charms is bringing luck

Like most African amulets, the amulets originally served as a tribal protection offering strength and medicinal healing via the combination of artefacts. Protection from bad is the key purpose, rather than being exclusively about good luck.

How to use the Zulu amulets charm

Zulu amulets are work around the neck to contain items like those mentioned. It is often part of a very colourful necklace and can be hung along with other charms as part of the ritualistic Zulu behaviour.

How the Zulu amulet charm is made

Amulets made by Zulu warriors were traditionally made from wood or from the leather of animals. On most occasions, wood is hung from a coloured chord.

How to make Zulu amulet charm at home

You can easily make your own Zulu amulet. Start with some colourful necklace chord to replicate that which would be used by the South Africans and hang wooden beads from it, or something wooden but bigger in size. You will have your own native Zulu protective amulet.

Interesting and fun facts about the Zulu amulet charm

· Zulu amulets are fully known as Ama-khubalo
· Zulus are the biggest race in South Africa, mainly residing in Kwa-zulu Natal
· Amulets are traditionally made from wood and include herbs, roots and the bark of trees

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