South Korea

South Korea Luck Charm Pujok

The Pujok is a talisman that has two distinct forms. One is specifically a good luck charm and the other is a ward that protects from bad luck, misfortune and evil. The Pujok is frequently used by shamans and is very common across the Buddhist faith, though it has become a ubiquitous symbol of good luck across much of contemporary South Korean culture. History Of The Pujok Luck Charm South Korea has a long history of shamanic and ancient Buddhist…

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South Korea Luck Charm Swallow

The swallow is a beautiful songbird which has graced writers, artists and others with luck and inspiration for thousands of years. An awe-inspiring sight in-flight and with a charming tune, the swallow has become an icon of good luck across the world. South Korea amongst other Asia countries treasures the swallow for its beauty and symbolism. History Of The Swallow Good Luck Charm The swallow lives most of its life in the sky, they rarely make permanent homes on the…

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