South Sudan Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Across the world, good luck charms are everywhere. We all have something that brings us luck. It might be a special charm, a lucky horseshoe or shamrock, or something more ritualistic in its history. The message is the same from country to country…one of protection from bad luck and one of bringing the wearer or recipient good luck.

South Sudan Good Luck Charm

Like many African nations, Sudan South has a rich history when it comes to lucky charms. In the case of Sudan, it is the hijab amulet which is said to protect from evil and bring good luck to the individual wearing it.

History of the lucky charm hijab amulets

Amulets have been used by many of the population of the African countries and the hijab amulet is the regional variation in South Sudan. Not to be confused with the hijab head scarf worn by Islamic women, the hijab amulets are a small leather case and have been used in the country for hundreds of years as a form of protection.

Why hijab amulet charms are bringing luck

There is no documented reason for the hijab amulets bringing luck, but almost all South Sudanese residents wear them. It is now a given that wearing an amulet on the wrist, around the neck or even around the waist provides a protection from evil.

How to use the hijab amulet charm

Hijab amulets are a leather case that can contain items close to the wearer and ones which are said to offer protection. They often include scriptures and herbs. They are hung from necklace straps and worn around the neck, form part of a bracelet on the wrist or hung from a belt type rope around the waist.

How the hijab amulet charm is made

The creation of hijab amulets is very simple. They are made from leather from a camel, mainly by village Shamans. The leather will have a scripture carved into it to bring good luck and have a pouch-like area for containing lucky artefacts.

How to make a hijab amulet charm at home

Creating your own hijab amulet will require some leather, not necessarily from a camel but offcuts of any sort from a local supplier. If you haven’t got specialist leather cutting equipment, you should still be able to cut it into shape. You can shape it into a case or just inscribe some inspirational messages onto the leather, cut a hole and add it to necklace or bracelet strap. You will then have your own handmade hijab amulet.

Interesting and fun facts about the hijab amulet charm

· Hijab amulets are traditionally made from camel leather
· In South Sudan, they are created by village Shaman who will blessed the amulet
· Inscriptions are added to the leather to help protect the wearer from bad luck

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