Spain Indalo Rainbow Man Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Lucky charms are used across the world to help bring good luck to the owner or recipient, or protect them from superstitions and bad luck. From worldwide animal charms such as a rabbit’s foot to bring luck, to a talisman that helps ward off evil spirits, lucky charms form part of custom, culture and even folklore across the world.

Spain Good Luck Charm

There are several good luck charms that are used in Spain, most notably Indalo art and the Rainbow Man symbol. The Rainbow man is used on ceramics, pottery and jewellery to bring a source of inspiration and a mystical outlook. A rabbit’s foot is also thought to be a lucky charm in Spain with the country adopting it along with the likes of England and the United States, as is eating 12 grapes as the clocks strikes to bring in the New Year.

History of the lucky charm Indalo Rainbow Man

The Indalo Rainbow Man featuring on Indalo art is thought to date back to 450BC having been found in the Indalo caves in the south of Spain. The Rainbow Man is said to be a protective guardian angel and help protect individuals from evil, particularly those wearing jewellery featuring the symbol.

Why Indalo Rainbow Man charm is bringing luck

Legend suggests the Indalo Rainbow Man could hold a rainbow in his hands, hence the design of the symbol, and was a stepping stone between the physical and spiritual world. More commonly, the Rainbow Man has been used to provide inspiration, health, happiness and love, as well as also to keep evil elements away. Traditionally, a Rainbow Man charm would be given as a gift.

How to use the Indalo Rainbow Man charm

As mentioned, the Indalo Rainbow Man symbol is popularly used on ceramics and pottery in Spain and on paintings. It is also used on a variety of jewellery items to create lucky charms, including necklaces, bracelets, rings and charm stones. Because the Rainbow Man is a symbol, it can be used on just about any item to make them a completely unique gift.

How the Indalo Rainbow Man charm is made

There are so many ways to wear an Indalo Rainbow Man charm. The symbol can be used or hung from a necklace to make it unique or personal. Likewise, it can appear on bracelet or ring art, be painted onto a stone, or added to t-shirts or key rings. In fact, any gift can be adapted to include the Rainbow Man symbol.

How to make Indalo Rainbow Man charm at home

If you are thinking about making your own jewellery charm, why not add an Indalo Rainbow Man to it. It will add to the meaning when you either wear it or present it as a gift to a friend or relative. You will need to draw or paint the symbol onto a stone or charm and add it to the jewellery.

Interesting and fun facts about the Indalo Rainbow Man charm

· The Rainbow Man symbol is thought to date back to 450BC
· It is said to be have been found on caves in Almeria
· The symbol is said to represent a man holding a rainbow above his head

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