Sri Lanka Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Good luck charms are used across the world to provide protection and positivity. From lucky horseshoes to elephant charms, the definition of luck differs from country to country. Engrained into national culture, the message is often the same, one of good luck, safety and well wishes to the person wearing the charm, or to act as a talisman from evil.

Sri Lanka Good Luck Charm

With such a rich and diverse history, it is no surprise that Sri Lanka has a number of good luck charms. Wooden masks, often painted in incredible coloured designs, are worn during ceremonies to ward off evil. Sharks teeth, meanwhile, are worn on necklaces of fisherman and the wider public as a form of luck. The most popular lucky charm is the wearing of an amulet as a form of protection. Amulets are typically worn on necklaces or bracelets and are known as the gift of protection.

History of the lucky charm amulets

Amulets have been used by Sri Lankas, mainly those practicising Buddhism at first, throughout history. Amulets have a purpose of protection and comes in all shapes and sizes. But the one constant is that they are made of a metal and hand from a necklace or as a charm on a bracelet. Sri Lankan amulets have also featured gem stones associated with the country such as Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Padparadscha and Alexandrite.

Why amulet charms are bringing luck

There is no one defined reason why amulets bring good luck, or provide protection, to Sri Lankans. But historically they hold plenty of significance in folklore for keeping people safe.

How to use the amulet charm

Amulet charms are mostly sees on necklaces or bracelets, depending on the size of the actual amulet itself. The designs are often unique and handcrafted onto the metal charm. You will find charms featuring shapes, buildings and even boxes…all with incredibly intricate designs. The boxes, according to Buddha history, hold charmed oil and a palm leaf. You will also see some amulet designs incorporating sharks teeth, while others feature a gem stone.

How the amulet charm is made

Amulets tend to be created from metals like silver, gold and bronze although copper is also used in the designs. The necklace or bracelet itself can be made out of the same metal, cord or even traditional elephant hair which was considered another form of good luck in Ceylon, the old name for Sri Lanka.

How to make an amulet charm at home

Short of having your own metal moulding facility, creating the amulet charm itself isn’t possible from home. What is possible is to create your own design from charms purchased. You can add them to a bracelet or add them to a necklace you’ve purchased or already own.

Interesting and fun facts about the amulet charm

· Sri Lankans regard amulet charm necklaces and bracelet as having protective powers
· Amulets featuring charm cases are historically said to have been filled with charmed oil and a palm leaf
· Sri Lanka’s 220 native gem stones are often used in amulet charm designs

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