The notion that a child’s toy could turn into a symbol of luck seems strange but that is exactly what has happened with the Dalecarlian Horse. In the olden times it was a popular child’s toy but as they grew in popularity people started to keep them as ornaments that brought luck.

History of The Dalecarlian Horse Good Luck Charm

After the Dalecarlian Horse began to become a household ornament people used them to barter in exchange for food or supplies as times were particularly hard and money was scarce. The horses were hand carved from leftover wood and then painted red and decorated.

Why the Dalecarlian Horse Charm Brings Luck

The Dalecarlian Horse became commonly known as a good luck charm after a giant version was displayed in New York. Since then people display them in their homes as a symbol of luck for Swedish people.

How to Use the Dalecarlian Horse Charm

The Dalecarlian Horse can be used as either a toy for children or as an ornament and either way it is still considered to bring luck and fortune to the owner.

How the Dalecarlian Horse Charm Is Made

The charm is made from scrap wood and is carved into a horse shape. When the carving is complete it is then painted red. When dry it is then decorated with the decoration of the area it was made in.

How to Make the Dalecarlian Horse Charm at Home

If you want to make your own Dalecarlian Horse you will firstly need to carve a horse shape into a piece of wood. The typical shape is not very detailed and does not have a tail.
When you have carved your horse you will need to paint it red and let it dry. Later, you can decorate it with blue and white paint, creating your very own unique design that will bring you luck forever.

Interesting and Fun Facts About the Dalecarlian Horse Charm

  • The horses are decorated by painting with two colors on the very same paintbrush – this tradition has long been carried on and is now one of the trademarks of a real Dalecarlian Horse.