Syria Nazar amulet Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Every country has traditions when it comes to luck, and good luck charms are commonplace wherever you may. Some are born out of superstitions, others more ritualistic. There is a story behind each and every one of them, from lucky horseshoes and shamrocks to amulets and animal charms, and a reason for people to believe in them bringing good luck.

Syria Good Luck Charm

Syria is one of the countries with an amulet as a good luck charm, with the story behind the Nazar amulet being one of protection from the Evil Eye superstition as well as bad luck, harm or even death. The Nazar, which translates as seeing or sight, is most often made from glass and both blue in colour and features an eye. The Nazar eye symbol is often found among the design of the Hamsa symbol, a hand shaped symbol also associated with good luck in Syria.

History of the lucky charm Nazar amulets

Nazar amulets date back thousands of years but are not exclusively associated with Syria. Several other Middle Eastern and European countries also have it as a lucky charm including Turkey, where it was said to have originated, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and Greece. The fact it features an eye design means it has been confused as being the Evil Eye, rather than providing protection from it.

Why Nazar amulet charms are bringing luck

Nazar amulets were created as a talisman for protection from the evil eye. Wearing a Nazar amulet protects people from bad luck and an even worse fate. More commonly in modern days, it is now seen as more of a good luck charm, promoting good health, wealth and positivity.

How to use the Nazar amulet charm

The Nazar amulets are usually worn as part of a necklace or bracelet as a charm, or is also produced as a simple bead. They are designed different from charm to charm to provide a unique look to each individual charm. Wearing the Nazar charm will provide protection.

How the Nazar amulet charm is made

Nazar amulets are traditionally made from glass which is shaped into an eye shape. Each Nazar is painted blue – the colour of protection and of divine qualities – and features a central black dot to represent the eye. Other colours such as white and yellow are also used in the design of the Nazar amulet. You will also find gold Nazar amulets too with intricate designs of the jewellery sold around the world.

How to make a Nazar amulet charm at home

Taking safety into mind, you can shape a piece of glass into an eye-like shape and create your own design by painting it. Adding a fixing, or creating a hole, will allow you to then add it to a necklace chord or bracelet strap and wear your own handmade Nazar amulet. Glass can be sharp so ask a local company to shape it for you, or use the correct tools to smooth the sharp edges.

Interesting and fun facts about the Nazar amulet charm

• Nazar amulets are thought to originate from Turkey
• The eye-like design of the Nazar amulet is used to protect from the evil eye
• Blue is used as the main colour of the Nazar amulets due to it being the colour of protection

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