Tajikistan Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Many countries across the world have adopted a lucky charm into folklore or as a ritual. From the relatively obvious touching a lucky horseshoe to the more obscure which someone a lot of pigs, as residents in Germany and Switzerland do, charms for good luck vary across the planet. Ultimately, the message is the same – one of good luck for the recipient. The stories of how some lucky charms came about make for entertaining reading.

Tajikistan Good Luck Charm

Tajikistan the country we know today was only created in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. It has taken on many of the customs of the old USSR, while adopting some influences from Asia and the Middle East, given it borders China and Afghanistan among other countries, as well as Persia. With such a short history as a nation, Tajikistanis don’t have a good luck charm as such, although the swastika is used a form a national identity and worn by people.

History of the lucky charm swastika

The swastika was adopted as the symbol of Nazi Germany and is known around the world for that very reason. But long prior to Adolf Hitler’s regime using it, the swastika dated back centuries as a religious or symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism religions. Tajikistan made the swastika their national symbol in 2006 to point to the country’s Aryan history.

Why swastika charms are bringing luck

The design of a swastika, a cross with the arms bent at the end, represents different things to different religions. The overall message of a swastika, however, is one of representing the sun for good luck, prosperity, auspiciousness, wealth and, perhaps most interestingly given its later usage, of victory.

How to use the swastika charm

There is no defined way that a swastika charm should be worn. The message it provides to Tajikistan nationals is what it is about. Most charms can be worn on a necklace chain or as part of a bracelet to provide the good luck it is said to offer.

How the swastika charm is made

The fact the swastika is a symbol means it can be added to any charm. There is no exact symbol that has to be used, so you can adapt it to suit what you like. The symbol can be used as part of a bigger design, or a similar replica of the symbol can be hung from a necklace chord.

How to make a swastika charm at home

Unless you have the capability or crafting metal into a shape, you will be best served by purchasing a swastika charm. You can make it unique by adding it to your own necklace or bracelet.

Interesting and fun facts about the Yuanbao charm

• The swastika symbol had a long and rich history prior to being adopted by Nazi Germany
• Tajikistan adopted the swastika as it national symbol in 2006, 15 years after being a country after the fall of the Soviet Union
• Tajikistan’s Aryan history is behind the reason for having the swastika as a national symbol

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