Tanzania Duiker horns Good Luck Charms from Around the World

What is a good luck charm? Wherever you happen to be in the world, the meaning of good luck differs. There is no definitive global answer with every country having their own charms to bring good luck. We’ve heard of the lucky horseshoe, the shamrock or the rabbit’s foot time and again. But there is the more obscure too including amulet, ingots and animals.

Tanzania Good Luck Charm

Witchcraft is commonly practiced in Tanzania, with Albino children and women having been at the centre of it all in the past. Away from the underground activity, good luck charms in Tanzania focus on safari animals with such things as giraffe tails, leopard whiskers and the horns or oryx and duikers.

History of the lucky charm duiker horns

Duikers are a small antelope which can be seen on safari. No threat to humans, they are known for damaging vegetable gardens. It is the very short horns that are lucky charms in Tanzania. Much different to the long, curved horns of the oryx, the small duiker horns are thought to provide protection from evil bring good luck.

Why duiker charms are bringing luck

As just mentioned, duiker horns are more associated with protective powers rather than bringing direct luck. Wearing the small duiker horns keeps bad luck away, according to Tanzanian folklore. Unfortunately, it has resulted in illegal poaching of duikers for their horns.

How to use the duiker charm

The horns of duikers can be carried on a person, providing luck by just being in possession of them. The small horn is also ideally hung from a necklace and worn.

How the duiker charm is made

To wear a duiker horn as a charm, it is added to a necklace chord and hung around the neck. The presence of the horn is said to keep evil spirits away.

How to make a duiker horn charm at home

Short of heading out illegally hunting in the African safari – something we certainly don’t recommend at all, you are unlikely to find a duiker horn yourself. Purchasing one will prove difficult, but should you be in Tanzania and able to get hold of one, you can keep it safe and add it to your own necklace chord.

Interesting and fun facts about the duiker horn charm

• Duikers are a small antelope and stand at just two feet tall
• Duikers have two small, straight horns
• The horns are said to provide protection from the evil spirit, along with those of the oryx
• Witchcraft doctors in Tanzania wear duiker horns on headdresses

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