The Lucky Charms of Mauritius

Mauritius – The lucky Dodo – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

All around the world there are symbols that are thought of as lucky.  Some of these charms are objects or items from the natural world.  People look to these items to change the tides of fate in their fate.

Mauritius – The Lucky Dodo

Mauritius is an island nation off the coast of East Africa.  It is situation in the Indian Ocean – and its motto speaks of the island’s connection with the sea.  It might seem odd that the lucky symbol of the island is the dodo, but it is.  It appears of the nation’s flag and coat of arms.  It also happens to be the bird that went extinct because it could not fly. Maybe the charm has a power because the bird has lasted in folklore longer than it lasted on Earth.

History of the lucky charm of the Dodo

The dodo emerged on the island of Mauritius as a pigeon about four million years ago.  As a matter of luck, there were no predators on the island – so it had no need to fly.  It was only when the island became a penal colony that the luck of the dodo changed and rats, pigs and monkeys were introduced onto the island.  Humans also enjoyed eating them too.  The last dodo was killed in 1681.

Why the Dodo charm is bringing luck

The people of Mauritius feel the dodo is lucky because it is symbolic of the history of the island.  A paradise nation overrun by colonials.  The bird is a symbol of the pride of the past before the island was inhabited by European outsiders. 

How to use the Dodo charm

The dodo is often worn as a charm around the next on a necklace.  The dodo reminds the people of the island of their connection to the island.  There is a sense of emotional belonging to the bird even though every person is a descendant of immigrants.  The island was uninhabited when the Dutch arrived.  But the people still felt a kindred spirit with a bird who was naïve because it lived in complete safety until outsiders arrived.

How the Dodo charm is made

There are pictures of Dodos all around the island of Mauritius.  You will find some bizarre representations of dead Dodos in the Tourist Information office.  You can also find them as charms to be worn on necklace.

How to make the Dodo charm at home

If you live in Mauritius you can call on the luck of the dodo with the image of the bird. It is also possible to create your own jewelry by picking up simple charms from local shops.

Interesting and fun facts about the Dodo charm

Probably the only country in the world that looks to the unluckiest bird in the world for a symbol of luck for the islanders.

The last dodo was sighted in the 1680s.  Dutch history books suggest the bird was tasteless and fatty.  

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