The Lucky Charms of Namibia

Nambia – The Tokoloshi Man – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

There are so many objects and symbols around the globe that are meant to bring us luck.  The love of the Talismen is a sign that we strive to control our fortune and live a good life.  Here we look at a lucky charm from Namibia.

Namibia – Tokoloshi man

If you travel around Namibia, you will be struck by the objects that adorn the vehicles.  People tie all sorts of oddities to the front fender, in an attempt to control their luck on the road.  If you have ever driven or ridden on a motorbike in Namibia, you will understand the desire to keep yourself safe any way you can.

One such object tied to cars and bikes is the Tokoloshi Man. This statue is a carving of the face of a man that is meant to warn people away.  The idea is that the man will prevent people from touching your vehicle.  This is kinda handy when you hope to prevent accidents and random people stealing your things!

History of the lucky charm of Tokoloshi man

The Tokoloshi Man is something of an interesting creation.  He is often associated with voodoo and witchcraft, which doesn’t sound too lucky.  He is also thought to be the reason women sleep on beds raised off the ground, as he had a bad habit of leaping on the bed with them.  It is fair to say that this is an odd idea for a lucky charm, though drivers around Nambia are sure of his fortunate ways.

Why the Tokoloshi man charm is bringing luck

The theory is that he is so ugly and repulsive that nobody would want to come near him.  Therefore, you can avoid crashes and Grand Theft Auto because the little man drives all but you away.

How to use the Tokoloshi man charm

To make the most of the wooden statue, you need to tie him to the front of your car.  

How the Tokoloshi man charm is made

You will see them around the place, carved out of wood.

How to make the Tokoloshi man charm at home

To be honest, the Tokoloshi Man is only one of many lucky charms that people in Namibia use on their vehicles.  Consequently, you can scour around the place for something that has meaning for you and attach it to the fender.  The car red nose from the 1990s Comic Relief campaign might not work.

Interesting and fun facts about Tokoloshi man charm

Tokoloshe Man, which references an ugly and repulsive creature, was also a hit song for John Kongos.

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