The Lucky Charms of Nigeria

Nigeria – Animals – Good Luck Charms from Around the World

Many countries see the greater significance in the world around them.  Where we may see animals, being them for farming or pets, some cultures believe the animals hold spiritual significance.

Nigeria  – Animals 

Some animals in Nicaragua are considered evil.  The black cat, owls, vultures, bats and snakes are all shrouded with stories of wrongdoing and bad luck.

However, there are also those animals that are seen as a good omen.  The dove for instance, and the tortoise. Rabbits are seen as lucky charms, and as elsewhere in the world, owning a rabbit’s foot is thought to warn away evil spirits.

History of the lucky charm of Nigeria

The history of luck attributed to animals often has much to do with how they look.  The tortoise, for instance, is considered wise due to its wrinkled appearance.  However, the level of luck attached to animals emerges too from folklore.  For example, a vulture is considered bad luck thanks to a story of a monarch who quit after receiving a letter dropped off by the bird.

Why the animal charm is bringing luck

The world of the animals is a representation of our harmony with the world around us.  Consequently, the arrival of a dove is a Godly sign, and you are considered blessed.

How to use the animal charm

As mentioned, you can carry a part of the animal with you to protect you from bad luck.  The carrying of a rabbit’s foot is therefore considered lucky.

How the animal charm is made

Although luck can be created by making charms, such as the rabbit’s foot, seeing the animal is often considered lucky enough.  So the natural world is making luck for us, if we choose to look for it.

How to make the animal charm at home

People around the world have tattoos, wear jewellery and even keep the animals, all as a means of embracing the symbolism of the animal.

Interesting and fun facts about  the animal charm

The tortoise is often linked to storytelling.  The tortoise is a good omen because it is perceived to be knowledgeable.

There is also a belief in Nigeria that if you see an elderly man and woman out and about before you speak in a day, you will be blessed with good luck.  Don’t ask us why.

It was Eteidung Gabriel Mbeka who was asked to quit his thrown when a vulture delivered a letter to the palace.  The incident sent shockwaves through the nation – such a significant bad omen at the centre of the country.

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